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Most important shopping trends in 2018


The most important shopping trends in 2018 show that there will be further development in the world of eCommerce and that the online stores that wish to survive will have to adopt at least some of them! Read all about it in this article! plans to expand in Europe

15/08/2018, one f the Asian eCommerce giants plans to expand in Europe and this could lead to some real stir on these markets. Read all about it here!

Shopping in the UK becomes quite common in France


Shoppers from France use UK market quite a bit for their online shopping. Read why this happens and what are the most popular niches for French people in the UK.

Adobe opens Magento CIP for developers


Adobe made its first moves since taking over Magento by introducing a new certification system called Magento CIP. Read all about it here!

One of the most controversial law proposals in EU history just got rejected!


There was a heated debate in the EU Parliament over the Copyright Directive, one of the most controversial laws ever proposed in the EU. It has been rejected! Read all about it!

PayPal goes strong in the 1st quarter of 2018 and records 8 million new users


PayPal has recorded a sharp increase in business during the 1st quarter of 2018, responding strong to all speculations about company's future after the breakup of strategic partnership with eBay. Read about the growth they managed to achieve!

Amazon Prime subscription gets more expensive in the US


Amazon Prime is one of the most popular services in the US, and its annual subscription will be increased by $20 for all US users. Read all about the changes that are being applied.

Tesco draws a drastic move by shutting down Tesco Direct


Tesco decided to draw a drastic move and shut down their Tesco Direct website. This will have far reaching consequences and will have an impact at 500 jobs! Read all the details here!

Adobe acquires Magento in a move that will shake the world of eCommerce


Adobe just made a huge move by acquiring Magento! Consequences of this acquisition could be huge, and this is how it will affect all the sides that are present in eCommerce realm!

BigCommerce gets funded with $64 million


BigCommerce has just raised another $64 million and prepares to invest it all into further development. Read all about it here!

Etsy policies are about to change in May 2018


Etsy is about to change some of its policies in May 2018 and it will have significant consequences to all the users. Read what the changes are!

AndroidPay is retired and gets replaced by Google Pay


AndroidPay was for many years a staple app for mobile users. Now it gets permanently shut down and replaced by Google Pay. Find out more!

Magento brings native support for Amazon


Magento decides to develop native support for all their clients who are selling on Amazon as well.

eBay includes automatic display of your VAT on listings


The newest eBay policy enforces automatic display of VAT for all sellers who have it. The changes it will cause could be significant!

eBay and PayPal to end one of the most iconic partnerships!


eBay moves to Adyen as the main payment processor from 2020, terminating their partnership with PayPal. Learn all about this new development HERE!

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