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When 3.5 billion searches per day trigger the world’s most powerful algorithm, it’s no surprise that Google Ads offers the widest reach and the best returns of all marketing platforms. But while AI and automation can drive success in the right hands, mismanaged Google Ads can drain your budget without scoring the sales you hoped for.

Partner with Studioworx to get the most out of PPC and avoid an expensive learning curve. Our expert team knows that Google’s top spot is not reserved for the highest bidder. We use advanced strategies and superior ad quality to keep cost per click as low as possible for the results you want.

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Most customers take a scenic route between discovering a brand and making a purchase. They might have several touch points with your brand in a variety of contexts before they buy something. At Studioworx we embrace the complexity of the customer journey and build this into your strategy. Your SEO can be used to boost PPC performance and visa-versa, ensuring that your investment boosts performance across the board.

Google Ads
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As a certified Google Partner agency, Studioworx have access to special technical support and product resources that enable us to bolster your success. Through Studoworx, you get advanced insights about platform changes, product developments and industry trends, keeping your marketing agile and responsive.

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