Video Production

We know that video content works.
We can deliver your vision.

Video content could be the new secret weapon in your marketing strategy.

It’s engaging, versatile and trending.

Adding video to your marketing strategy is the key to engagement, whether it’s on your website, a YouTube advertising campaign or strategically placed on social media.

Video marketing can say anything, whether it’s used to generate leads, communicate complex messaging, deliver training or advertise a product.

A great video gets people to stop scrolling, pay attention and most importantly share with their followers, giving you even more exposure.

At Studioworx, we know video content. We know how to take your brand, your messaging and your products and turn it into meaningful content that will excite internet users.

Video offers endless creativity. Whether you need content filmed on location to showcase products, an informative but fun animated video to talk about your services in a more engaging way or a serious stock video storyboard for lead generation, we will deliver it on budget and on time.

Here's a look at our process

As with all of our marketing and creative services, we want you to be involved at every step of the video creation service to ensure we’re on brand and you’re happy. Take a look at our process below:



To create an on brand video you’re happy with, we start by really getting to know you and your business. This stage involves discovering the style of video you want, your goals, the message and who your audience is – these four ingredients are essential in creating engaging content.



We’ll then create a concept that matches the brief, incorporating your brand, tone and the style you want. We’ll make recommendations on how we think it should look and feel to ensure maximum engagement, whilst listing to your ideas and suggestions.



Once the concept is locked in, we’ll work with you to plan the production. From shoot dates and talent liaison if you’re embarking on live action to style frames and illustrations if you’ve ordered an animation, our production team will guide you through every step of the process keeping you appraised the whole way.



After your video is shot or animated, our video production team will start piecing it together and editing the footage. At this stage we will record voiceovers, add on-screen captions, graphics and effects to make your video complete and as engaging as possible. We’ll consult you at every step of the way to ensure your video content is exactly how you envisioned it.



Sit back and enjoy as your video content starts achieving your goals. If you’re ever unsure about how to use it or there’s more it could be doing, our expert team are always on hand to offer some advice and support.

Examples of our video work

Heat Exchange Group – Industrial / Marine Boiler Product Supplier

Heat Exchange Group required video content to fully show what their business does and showcasing the personalities of their employees and how they value the company and their customers.

We worked with them to understand their business and to select employees to feature that really live their brand values.

We built the storyboard, wrote scripts and provided shooting schedules so everyone involved were fully aware and happy with how the shoot would work.

As a result we produced a 90 second film that highlighted Heat Exchange Group’s services, their employees and their dedication to their customers.

Coldstream – Home Water Filter Manufacturer

Coldstream needed an animated video for their website and social media that was informative and educational but also a promotional tool.

We really got to understand the business, why they created their product and the benefits to consumers to put together a storyboard.

We then wrote a script, recorded a voiceover and put together an engaging fully animated video within the deadline required.

The video produced was two minutes long which we then added to YouTube and their website, as well as splitting it into 5 shorter videos to post in a sequence across social media.

Sophia Cura Branding Video

Sophia Cura required both photography and video content to introduce the brand, its rapid growth and ground-breaking products.

We worked collaboratively to fully understand the innovative features of its rise-and-recline chair, and the numerous benefits it offers to both patient and care provider.

We built a shot list, prepared interview questions and visited the facility for a one-day shoot.

As a result, we were delighted to deliver a full branding video, a product explainer video, and all requested imagery to be hosted on its website.

Steel Technologies

Steel Technologies wanted to take full advantage of its feature in a digital edition of Manufacturing Today.

We enjoyed working with the organisation to showcase its capabilities and industry expertise.

Footage from previous projects was repurposed and combined with a new interview and stock footage to produce a fresh branding video, negating the need to physically film at the premises.

The resulting video slotted seamlessly into the digital publication and was proudly shared with clients and contacts via Steel Technologies’ own channels.

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