Website audits

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO)
and other essential audits

Website health and auditing reports

Reveal opportunities hiding in the data and boost website profits

If you think your site has the potential to rank higher on Google or convert more traffic, you’re almost certainly right. Request an audit from our team to get visibility on performance leaks and learn the smartest route to where you want to be.

Our experienced technicians and analysts lift the hood on your site and find ways to make it more efficient. We provide a comprehensive report with all the insights you need to boost return on investment.

Developers and SEO experts at your service

Studioworx audits include an action plan that we can implement as a one-off project or ongoing maintenance. Whether you want to reduce bounce rate, climb search rankings or sell more products, your audit becomes the benchmark until your goals have been achieved.

Choose an audit for a specific goal or opt for a conversion rate optimization (CRO) audit, which combines all factors that impact sales.

Website health and auditing reports

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) and other essential audits

SEO Auditing

SEO auditing

Ranking above your competitors on Google establishes your brand as the authority in your niche and gets you valuable clicks at no cost. But getting there can take time and your strategy needs a firm foundation. A Studioworx SEO audit provides a forensic view of your current performance and helps prioritise actions to improve your position. We use leading technologies to analyse ranking factors, identify technical and on-page issues and work out what your competitors are doing that you could do better. Your report includes a health check of your site vitals and backlink profile, a detailed analysis of keyword ranking, plus a range of other valuable insights to give you the edge.

Speed & Optimisation Reports

Speed and performance reports

Business owners understand that time is money. But in the world of ecommerce, where slow load speeds cause massive drop-off, every fraction of a second counts. The Studioworx speed and performance audit combines a range of tests designed to analyse your site performance and put your server through its paces. Our team discovers ways to make your site run faster, equipping you to increase conversion rate and boost profits.

System Auditing

System auditing

An ecommerce operation places significant demands on a server, depending on where it’s located and where products are sold. Our core system audit drills into the coding layer of your website and flags areas where the hardware is inadequate or could be configured better for your needs. If you’re looking to boost efficiency, this audit uncovers opportunities to optimise at the system and coding level.

Design Auditing

Design auditing

Assessing the look and feel of your web store, the Studioworx design audit can yield remarkable returns. We apply data science and behaviour analysis tools to pin-point sources of friction that result in user drop-off and cart abandonment, enabling immediate improvements to the buyer journey. Along with a thorough assessment of user experience, our audit includes a prioritised list of recommendations for redesign.

Your Ecommerce experts

If worries about your server keep you up at night, or a site malfunction could spell disaster for your sales, rest assured that your ecommerce business is in safe hands with Studioworx. Not only do we have the skills and experience to build, maintain and fix powerful websites, but we routinely spot opportunities to maximise profitability that your competitors may not.

Health check

Poor site health can cost you sales without you even realising it. Studioworx health checks flag areas of concern so fixes can be actioned promptly.

  • Increase sales through improved site speed and higher conversion rates
  • Reduce bounce rate with improved usability
  • Lower running costs by preventing excessive use of hardware
  • Correct design problems to improve user experience

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