Email marketing

The low cost, high-impact
customer relationship tool

Reach out and guide your customer through the buyer journey with intelligent email marketing.

Driving traffic to your web store costs money, but on average only 2% of visitors make a purchase. Around half leave within a couple of seconds. Email marketing creates more chances to sell to a potential customer after they’ve left your website. And if they end up buying something down the line, you can safely use their data to find other customers just like them.

Studioworx specialise in email marketing for ecommerce. We manage the process start-to-finish, from strategy and account setup to template design, content writing, automation and optimisation.

Email marketing
Reporting and analysis

First Party Data Tracking

Our privacy-first approach to email marketing lets you gather customer data while building brand trust. Unlike the ‘cookies’ model of data collection, an email list is founded on the express permission of your audience, so your ads won’t be unwanted or intrusive. Studioworx can help you build and manage an email strategy that not only drives sales with data-led remarketing but helps future-proof your business against seismic shocks to the privacy landscape.

Email marketing audits

Our marketing team can analyse your email marketing campaigns and help you identify opportunities for improvement. Just enter your details and we'll be in touch.

Design and automation

Once a visitor has opted in, the re-marketing possibilities are endless. Entice them with a product they left in their cart, make their decision a little easier with a coupon, or reach out with a personalised recommendation. But while automated email sequences can radically boost customer acquisition and retention, poorly executed email marketing can alienate your audience and harm your brand.

Studioworx emails are designed to provide genuine value at key points in the buyer journey. Whether you want to educate your customer about your product, pique their interest in a new promotion, or trigger intent with an abandoned cart reminder, we create emails that fire at strategic moments and deliver the value you intend.

Design and distribution

Email Platforms we work with

Mail Chimp

With Mailchimp, you get the tools you need to sell your products, reach new customers, and take your business to the next level.


Powerful email marketing, rich customer profiles, and custom forms, all in one place. Unlock your brand's full potential by creating personalised customer experiences that really resonate.

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