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We're certified and experienced on all major platforms, BigCommerce, Magento, Kooomo and Shopify

Since 2004 we've been creating online experiences that drive sales for over 1000 retailers including Tesco, Havaianas, and Suzuki.

Big brands choose us for award-winning design and revenue resilience in a rapidly evolving ecosystem. At every step in the process, our team applies specialised ecommerce experience and fail-safe processes to protect your bottom line.

Ecommerce platforms we work with

We only build on ecommerce platforms that offer the scalability and customisation we need to deliver a growth-enabled, brand-focused web store that puts your customer first. After many years we’ve forged strong partnerships with major platforms, but remain platform agnostic. This makes us one of the only agencies that will offer you an unbiased consultation, driven purely by the needs of your business.

  • Magento Web Store Design
  • BigCommerce Web Store Design
  • Shopify Web Store Design
  • WooCommerce Website Design
  • Kooomo EShop Design
  • VOLO Web Shop Design
  • WooCommerce Website Design
  • Kooomo EShop Design
  • VOLO Web Shop Design

Helping businesses grow for 15 years

Over the years, we have built up a huge portfolio of various projects based on different ecommerce platforms!

mobile-first design

Buying habits change. Consumers are shopping more often, spending less time on each session and making most of their purchases on mobile.

At Studioworx we understand that a fast, frictionless mobile site that immediately engages the customer will always win the sale. Our experienced team has gained awards and recognition for highly converting mobile stores that boost revenue for our customers.

If you choose Studioworx, you can be confident that your web store will work perfectly across devices so all site visitors have a great experience.

More great reasons to choose Studioworx

Working with Studioworx

Working with Studioworx

We’re experts at building web stores but you’re the expert on your business. We invite your feedback at every stage and aim to translate your ideas into engaging design and intuitive functionality. This collaborative process has been integral to the success of the many projects we’ve worked on.

Communication & Support

Communication & support

To enable a responsive working process, we maintain direct lines of communication between you and everyone who’s working on your web store. Quickly share ideas or queries with the relevant team member, whether they’re a designer, developer or consultant.

Advanced Upselling

Advanced upselling

Increasing your average order value is a sure way to boost profitability. Studioworx web stores are built to capitalise on opportunities to upsell and cross-sell your catalogue. Drawing on a deep understanding of buyer behaviour, we build automated pathways into the buyer journey to show the right product to the right customer at the right time.

Global Reach

Global reach

Selling globally? We design web stores to target your chosen market or adapt seamlessly across international borders. You have the option to show a location-optimised version of the same web store or fully customise the buyer experience for maximum relevance.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

Cross-browser compatibility

Browser and device compatibility comes standard with every web store built by Studioworx. We ensure that your customer enjoys a frictionless experience, no matter how they choose to shop, be it on desktop or mobile, Chrome, Safari or another browser.

Cost Benefits

Cost benefits

A web store presents a lucrative opportunity to scale your operation. Compared with traditional retail, ecommerce enables you to reach more customers and sell more products at higher margins through a single point of sale. But much of that cost benefit can be lost due to suboptimal store design and performance. Studioworx have built profitable web stores for successful retailers, so you can be confident that your store will maximise cost benefits at every level.

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