Paid Social media

Increase ecommerce revenue from social media
by advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more.

Scale revenue and your audience with highly targeted social media advertising

Social Media is now larger than life with over half of the world’s population using social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

This presents you with the opportunity to use paid social media to increase ecommerce revenue or generate leads, offering the ability to target your exact demographic of new customers along with retargeting existing customers or website visitors.

Paid Social Media
Social Media

The Studioworx approach

  • We conduct a full review of all of your paid social media ad accounts to analyse what’s working for you, and what can be improved
  • We ensure your online shop and conversions are set up which will allow us to efficiently track your return on investment
  • Studioworx develops a full marketing strategy including recommending which channels will work best for your business as well as determining your audience
  • We upload, and monitor and optimise your campaigns on an ongoing basis to ensure we are maximising your budget
  • At the start of every month we provide you with reports of all paid social media campaigns along with a list of tasks we’ve carried out that month and a plan going forward

Social media audits

Our experienced team would love to analyse your social media presence and help you identify opportunities to improve performance. Enter your details below and one of our social media experts will be in touch.

Our platforms



Facebook is a good all rounder for ecommerce and lead generation. We create image, video and shopping ads targeting your ideal customer.



Twitter allows companies to raise brand awareness by targeting users based on interests and hashtags, serving adverts in a range of formats including text, images and images which can then be retweeted and shared by users.



A highly visual platform that’s ideal for ecommerce businesses that really want to show off their products in a variety of ways.



Whilst relatively new, TikTok already has nearly as many users as Facebook and Instagram. It is a video orientated platform that offers short videos and shopping ads to raise brand awareness and drive sales.



Another highly visible platform that allows you to put your ads amongst organic content that users are searching for using a mix of categories and search terms.



LinkedIn is best for lead generation B2B adverts that you can set to target very granular demographics such as job title and industry.

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