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March 2017

Learn why user experience (UX) design is important for your successful online operations. Find out how to approach different situations and stay on the winning track. Learn why mobile and desktop UX are not the same and how you can make a website that works great through all the channels!

Submitted by Studioworx Social Media Team on 17/03/2017

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This is a short guide that will help you choose the right eCommerce solution for your operations. Resolve dilemmas such as open source versus proprietary platform, or SaaS versus standalone platforms. Learn what the hidden dangers of expanding your operations are and how to pick the digital commerce platform that will keep you clear from trouble.

Submitted by Studioworx Social Media Team on 15/03/2017

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The right payment service provider makes all the difference. Starting eCommerce operations is always a bit challenging. There are many variables that determine your ability to succeed in this segment of trade, and paying attention to detail is something that is simply a must if you want to avoid mistakes.

The factors that determine the success rate are numerous, but it is fair to say that the online payment systems pretty much define the percentage of customers that can be reached. The options available worldwide are quite numerous, and defining the right ones is not such an easy task.

Submitted by Studioworx Social Media Team on 05/03/2017

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