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How important is eCommerce maintenance?

Maintenance of eCommerce websites is always discussed amongst the eshop owners as a thing that might and might not be important. Of course, from their perspective, any additional investment after they already paid the website development cost is something that is not all too welcome. On the other hand, there are some who are more than happy to keep their eCommerce development company engaged even when the project has been finished, so they continue working with them within the eCommerce website maintenance contract. The logical question that pops into the mind is – which ones are right?

Submitted by Studioworx Social Media Team on 18/06/2017

BigCommerce shop - a fast way to an awesome eCommerce website

Using BigCommerce as the way to go live fast is great, but there are some things you need to consider before you opt for it. This article explains all that needs to be considered in order to succeed with your BigCommerce online store.

Submitted by Studioworx Social Media Team on 18/06/2017

Evolution of eCommerce operations done in a proper way

When the eCommerce platform you are using becomes insufficient for the operations you are carrying out, there are only two choices you can make – either upgrade or replatform! Here we are explaining how to do it in the best and least painful way.

Submitted by Studioworx Social Media Team on 31/05/2017

5 most common mistakes when entering world of digital commerce

There are some mistakes every beginner in digital commerce tends to make. We are listing 5 of them that are the most significant in potential consequences. We are also explaining why they must be avoided and how to do it.

Submitted by Studioworx Social Media Team on 29/04/2017

Importance of localization in international eCommerce operations

Localised approach to different countries in global online trade operations becomes a must. We are explaining which segments of your eCommerce business have to be treated in a “glocal” way and what are the benefits of such approach.

Submitted by Studioworx Social Media Team on 02/04/2017

How to choose the right one out of many eCommerce solutions

This is a short guide that will help you choose the right eCommerce solution for your operations. Resolve dilemmas such as open source versus proprietary platform, or SaaS versus standalone platforms. Learn what the hidden dangers of expanding your operations are and how to pick the digital commerce platform that will keep you clear from trouble.

Submitted by Studioworx Social Media Team on 15/03/2017

Payment Providers: Choosing the right one for your business

The right payment service provider makes all the difference. Starting eCommerce operations is always a bit challenging. There are many variables that determine your ability to succeed in this segment of trade, and paying attention to detail is something that is simply a must if you want to avoid mistakes.

The factors that determine the success rate are numerous, but it is fair to say that the online payment systems pretty much define the percentage of customers that can be reached. The options available worldwide are quite numerous, and defining the right ones is not such an easy task.

Submitted by Studioworx Social Media Team on 05/03/2017

Inspectors Checklist: 30 eCommerce Essentials

For a second, imagine a governing body like OFSTED with a one-way inward bound inspection on your ecommerce site; armed with a list of criteria which will either deem it ‘good’ to ‘outstanding’ or ‘needs improvement’ to ‘unsatisfactory’. Terrifying isn’t it?

Submitted by Studioworx Social Media Team on 06/01/2017

7 Things The Best eCommerce Store Owners Excel At

Amazon are the pinnacle of an ecommerce store owner’s fantasy. From humble beginnings as a book store to boasting a plethora of products on a global scale, they really are the alpha ecommerce store. Of course, this business was launched on the back of a great idea but in true Liam Neeson form they had a particular set of skills. Skills so accurate and impactful that they eventually became ecommerce titans. Skills that are about to be revealed…

Submitted by Studioworx Social Media Team on 21/12/2016

Information Architecture Documentation

When a business designs their website, it is important that they do so with specific goals in mind. These goals need to run alongside their general business aims, working in synchronisation to push the business forward.

Submitted by Studioworx Social Media Team on 04/11/2016