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Studioworx Website Launch


Here at Studioworx, we are excited to be launching our new website. The website has been designed to bring you up to date with our new and improved services which we have added to our old, reliable ones to give you a forward thinking, cutting edge, all round service, leading the way in the world of online design and marketing.

Meet the Social Networks, and how they can drive traffic


You probably use one form or another of social network every day. This year, Facebook hit one billion users in a single day -this is crazy when you think that it translates to 1 in 7 people in the world use the platform to interact with their friends and family. Other platforms have seen such as much traffic with Twitter now having over 316 million monthly active users. These statistics show just how big an audience your brand could have on social media - but how do you harness this audience? Here are some helpful tips.

5 Tricks of the mind to influence shoppers and boost eCommerce sales


Having recently met with Dynamo and Derren Brown, we have discovered how simple it can be to manipulate the mind-sets of every day consumers like you or I. Although we’re disappointed that Paul Daniels and Mystic Meg weren’t’ available to share their wisdom, we did manage to compile a list of principles from Dynamo and Derren, should you want to attempt a little magic of your own. 

4 of The Most Magical Magento Themes


Choosing a Magento theme can, at first, seem like a bit of an expedition. Each one luring you in like a genie beckoning you make a wish to only discover that theme is not quite what you’d wished for. Stumbling upon ‘the one’ only to discover it’s already taken by a rival. We’ve all been there.

5 mobile optimisation tips for maximum conversion


Now, we may not have a colourful pie chart or a data driven graph smattered with statistics informing you with the percentage of mobile users who will abandon your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Nor do we know the exact numbers, in terms of traffic on your website, which come directly from a mobile.

5 Ways To Ensure Your eCommerce Customers Come Back


Depending on what sort of ecommerce store you have, you will see a fluctuation in your sales according to a multitude of denominators. It could be the introduction of a popular item which sees sales soar or celebratory days in the calendar, like Christmas and Valentine’s Day, which cause a spike of sales.  But more often than not it can be seasonal.

Inspectors Checklist: 30 eCommerce Essentials


For a second, imagine a governing body like OFSTED with a one-way inward bound inspection on your ecommerce site; armed with a list of criteria which will either deem it ‘good’ to ‘outstanding’ or ‘needs improvement’ to ‘unsatisfactory’. Terrifying isn’t it?

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