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Kooomo vs. Shopify – who gets the edge?


Retailers that wish to operate on a SaaS eCommerce platforms often have to choose between Shopify and Kooomo as the proposed options. This article will help you understand which of the two is the right one for you!

Moving from Magento to Magento 2 – a step that has to be made!


Moving your website from Magento to Magento 2 is a move you simply have to make! Read here what are the reasons for this move!

Magento, Kooomo, BigCommerce or Shopify - what is the best choice for you?


What is the best eCommerce platform for you? Magento? Kooomo? BigCommerce? Shopify? Read this article and find out!

Magento adds Braintree PayPal to their arsenal


Creating apps for Magento stores became much easier thanks to the new partnership between Magento and Braintree. Read all about it here!

Moving from Magento to Kooomo – why this IS an option?


Moving from one eCommerce platform to another can be a hard decision to make. Still, there are times when you have to make the move. Click here and read why moving from Magento to Kooomo IS an option to be considered!

BigCommerce tackles the B2B sector by rolling out new tools


BigCommerce decided to expand their capabilities by covering the B2B sector of eCommerce. It includes rolling out new tools that are essential for this type of operation. Read all about it here!

Kooomo launches a new service – Kooomo Lite


Kooomo has just launched their cheap and fast to market SaaS eCommerce platform - Kooomo Lite. Read what are the differences compared to the main platform and what benefits it brings!

Pursuing omnichannel eCommerce using Magento - good idea or not?


Is Magento the right solution for creating unified omnichannel presence on the digital commerce market? Click here and learn all about it!

Is Magento website the right solution to all your problems?


Many people opt for Magento website development and design as the backbone of their eCommerce operations. What are the things to consider when you decide to go down that path? Find out here!

4 of The Most Magical Magento Themes


Choosing a Magento theme can, at first, seem like a bit of an expedition. Each one luring you in like a genie beckoning you make a wish to only discover that theme is not quite what you’d wished for. Stumbling upon ‘the one’ only to discover it’s already taken by a rival. We’ve all been there.

The best must have Magento extensions 2016


The best must have Magento extensions of 2016 can change a lot in your e-commerce store. In this post we put all the extensions into 6 major groups:“Performance”, “SEO”, “Frontend, UI, usability”, “Loyalty, referral campaigns”, “System, backend”, and “Marketing, sales”. All of them are tested and accepted by Magento developers, so you will only deal with the most reliable tools. Two other important things about “The best must have Magento extensions of 2014? are novelty and relevance of further described products.

Top Ten Magento Security Savers


The fact that Magento is the renowned pinnacle of ecommerce software it naturally becomes the targeted platform for hackers, especially when it comes to lifting your customer’s credit card and personal details.

The Battle of the Ecommerce Giants: Bigcommerce Vs Magento


The toing and froing can be tedious whilst contemplating which ecommerce solution to choose for your business but, when it comes down to it, it’s only going to be between two brands: Bigcommerce & Magento.

E-Commerce - Magento vs Shopify Platforms


The internet has changed a lot about the way that we live our lives and do business. One of the biggest changes that it is making in the business world is the rise of e-commerce. This is where people run their business almost entirely online, meaning that they can offer excellent customer service, better prices thanks to lower overheads and streamlined business procedures.

10 Benefits for choosing Magento to run your online store


If you are considering migrating your site you might be wondering what platform to use. Magento is one of the most popular options, liked by both e-commerce business owners and web developers. If you’re still not convinced, here’s 10 benefits Magento.

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