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AdWords as backbone of paid marketing campaigns


Many companies suffer significant losses due to the mistakes they make with Google AdWords. This is what they miss to execute, and this is what they should do in order to avoid such scenarios.

Facebook advertising – what to do and who should do it?


Facebook advertising can be much harder than it seems at the first glance, and there are several traps you might fall into when trying to make an impact there. In this article, we explain some of the most common mistakes and misconceptions.

Expanding reach of your business using brand advocate approach


Using every single tool in the box to expand your reach and gain new customers is all it takes to become a successful retailer. Brand advocating is definitely one of the most effective ways to achieve this, and we are explaining it here to the detail.

UK Internet Users Amongst Highest Ad Blocker Rates


Europe sees some of the World`s Highest Ad-Blocker Rates, New Research Reveals

JD.com and Alibaba Outperform Amazon in Worldwide Global Retailer Growth


New Research shows a Boost in Chinese Retailers in Worldwide Growth Rankings

Increasing brand reputation and brand authority in eCommerce


Many businesses suffer from the lack of brand authority and low brand reputation. This is how you can improve both in your eCommerce operations.

eBay`s `The Art of Shopping` Looking to Revitalise the Online Shopping Experience


eBay`s `Art of Shopping` Experience Data Helps Bring Pleasure Back to Shopping

Research Shows Continued Amazon Dominance in the Worldwide Marketplace


Amazon Continue to Dominate Worldwide Online Spend, with 37% of Online Sales

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