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UK Internet Users Amongst Highest Ad Blocker Rates

Europe sees some of the World`s Highest Ad-Blocker Rates, New Research Reveals

UK Internet Users Amongst Highest Ad Blocker Rates

New Research which has been released today – 12th October 2017, shows that the UK`s internet users are amongst the world`s highest in using ad blockers. This sends out a strong message to marketers that they need to concentrate on creating better pop-up ads for these consumers, or to be more creative with their marketing efforts.

The research shows that in the UK, 39% of internet users are using an ad blocker in 2017. This is a significant rise from last year`s figures which showed that 20.9% were using ad blockers.

Lost Revenue

The research, carried out by, suggests a loss of £2.9 billion in publishing revenue in the UK – substantially more than last year`s £2.5 billion loss. It is predicted that in the UK alone, the number of internet users who use ad blockers will rise to 11.4 million people.

The loss figures have been calculated by – who are part of the Cloud Technologies group, and who are supported by PHD Media Direction (part of the Omnicom group). They have been calculated using market research regarding the scale of ad blocking, display market value, the estimated loss as a result of ad blocking, and e-commerce turnover which is generated by ad blockers.


The UK has amongst the world`s highest ad blocking rates at 39%, but this is within a larger trend especially in Europe. Europe`s highest ad blockers are in Poland, at 46%, followed by Greece at 44%, Norway at 42% and Germany at 41%.

In Japan and the USA, ad blocking rates are relatively low at 26% although awareness of them is high, suggesting that internet users there choose not to use them.

The lowest ad blocker users are generally in Latin America, with rates as low as 5% in Paraguay, Venezuela at 10% and Peru at 13%.

User Experience

This research shows that it is increasingly important for marketers to concentrate on improving the customer experience when it comes to pop-up ads. With consumers having the opportunity to install ad blockers, they are given the choice as to whether they want to see these adverts – or not. It is therefore vital that businesses work towards creating pop-up ads of real value to a customer if they are to tempt them away from blocking pop-up ads.

It is also important for businesses to consider other marketing ideas to be able to advertise to consumers without relying solely on pop-up ads. This will require a certain amount of creativity to make sure that the user experience is always improving.

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