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Online marketing campaigns in digital commerce


Digital commerce and online marketing campaigns connected to it make a rather complex endeavour. Click here and learn all about all the segments of online marketing campaigns and how can each of those segments help you reach new customers!

Evolution of eCommerce operations done in a proper way


When the eCommerce platform you are using becomes insufficient for the operations you are carrying out, there are only two choices you can make – either upgrade or replatform! Here we are explaining how to do it in the best and least painful way.

eBay Change Seller Image Rights


The newest change to eBay image seller rights may have some repercussions to your business on online marketplaces. Click and find out what exactly you need to do in order to stay compliant.

Brits Getting Ahead of the Game by Starting their Christmas Shopping Early


The newest trends in the UK shows that the British people tend to start their Christmas shopping online way before the schedule. This article shows what impact these trends make on the retailers operating in the UK.



Amazon's new voice activated, touch screen Echo Show is the latest in releases in the home assistant market, designed to rival the most recent offerings from Microsoft and Google. The new Echo Show includes a 7" touch screen, voice activated controls and gives users the ability to make phone calls to other Amazon Echo users.

eBay Extend Seller Protections over Security Delays


The recent attack that took place in London caused some delays in eBay deliveries. This online marketplace was forced to extend the seller protection system. This article explains all the reasons behind this, and the implications on the sellers and buyers.

Google Set to Expand Base on Academy for Digital Skills in London


Google came to the decision to expand their tech base in the UK  via increased presence through tech seminars. This is the latest addition in this segment.

Mobile e-Commerce Fraud Report Highlights Need for Better Mobile Security


Mobile e-commerce becomes more and more important in the world of online trade. Fraud prevention is still the weakest link in this segment, and these are the latest findings in the field.

Promotions and loyalty program management in digital commerce


This article gives the basic rules which will help you organize your loyalty program management, promotions, and customer retention program. We provide the basic guidelines to each of those categories in relation to the specific conditions of operating in a multichannel and omnichannel mode.

Studioworx enters finals of BigCommerce web design competition


The finalists for the BigCommerce web design competition for 2017 have been announced and Studioworx made it to the finals with the KidsChoo website design! Check out the details and support us to win this award!

eBay Sponsor new Capital Radio Breakfast Show


The new Capital Radio Breakfast Show with Roman Kemp was launched last Monday with its brand-new sponsor – eBay. As one of the world leaders in e-commerce, eBay is already a household name, but is looking to inform the radio show`s target audience of 15 to 34 year olds about just what they can offer consumers especially in this age range.

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