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eBay Extend Seller Protections over Security Delays

Recent attack in London forced eBay to extend their seller protections, and this is how and why!

eBay Extend Seller Protections over Security Delays

In response to the heightened security in and around Manchester following the terror attack on 22nd May, during Ariana Grande’s concert eBay issued a warning to their sellers that delays will be likely in their deliveries arriving.

At a time when security is of the utmost importance, extra screening and security has been put in place, with the Royal Mail stating that “mail posted between the UK and Europe may face delays due to the current situation regarding security”. Whilst unsurprising and of course understandable, this can be frustrating for both buyers and sellers.

Seller Protections

To try to lessen the blow for sellers, eBay have extended their seller protections for US sellers which are involved in these trans-Atlantic transactions, so that they are not unduly punished for a situation which is beyond their control. eBay place much emphasis on delivering the fastest turn-around possible for buyers, encouraging sellers to deliver as quickly as possible.

eBay have stated, “For sellers or buyers who carry out delivery operations from the United States to the United Kingdom using GSP feature (for shipping products globally), it is advised to make sure to enable communication with the partners in trade and warn them about a possible delay”. However, they have also advised that they have extended their seller protections, which is applied automatically and for this, sellers do not need to do anything.

eBay Seller Deadlines

Ensuring that customers (buyers) are not disappointed is important to eBay and this is why they require sellers to stipulate the time frames in which items will be delivered. Sellers have to define both the handling time and the shipping time so that customers know the maximum time frames in which they can expect their items to be delivered.

Of course, when unforeseen circumstances such as extra security measures in the postal service occur, it is unfair that sellers should be penalised and this is why they have extended their protections. Having said that, although eBay have extended seller protections over late delivery, it is still recommended that sellers contact their customers to inform them of possible delays for good customer service, show that you are a responsible seller and to avoid customer frustration and disappointment.


eBay is one of the world’s leading online marketplaces, used by everyone from individual one-off sellers, e-Commerce giants, to international companies. They focus on creating both great customer experiences for buyers and getting the best out of their sellers, which is how they have continued to grow and enjoy the good reputation that they have today. 

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