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Do eBay’s New Shop Features Boost Sales?


As the dust settles after a busy holiday season, ecommerce businesses are taking stock of sales performance. If you’re an eBay seller, you may have noticed enhanced performance thanks to the new shop features made available to eBay shops in November last year. eBay announced these new features just ahead of the holiday seasons to enable sellers to capitalise on the annual Christmas rush.

Read more to learn about some of the new eBay shop features and tell us whether they supercharged your sales this holiday season!

BigCommerce Partner Summit 2021


What's your perfect Thursday morning? Ours has to be dancing to bhangra at 9am while literally rubbing shoulders with game changers in the ecommerce space.

Kaliedy uses Kooomo for the new eCommerce web store!


Kaliedy has a new web store built by Studooworx! Irish online baby nursery and toy industry where families and parents can purchase baby essentials.

Shopify Partners with TikTok


Shopify and TikTok work together for social e-commerce

Royal Mail introduced fines for retailers on January 2nd 2020


Royal Mail decided to make some order in the shipping and delivery chain by introducing fines for the retailers who disregard the rules. Read all about it here.

BigCommerce introduces Trust Pilot as their Elite Technology Partner


BigCommerce announced Trust Pilot as their newest Elite Technology Partner. Read what this change means for your business.

The outbreak of COVID 19 is changing the world of eCommerce – seize the opportunity!


COVID 19 is changing the landscape of the world economy, and it produces new environment for eCommerce operations. There is a way to take advantage of this situation if you adapt quickly enough. Read all about it here.

AI enters marketplaces through the partnership of Mirakl and Silverback


Mirakl and Silverback partnership will introduce AI into marketplaces, and it could bring huge benefits to some of the retailers! Read all about it here!

Royal Mail offered CWU a deal to avoid Christmas time strikes


Royal Mail tries to prevent CWU from strikes during the Christmas and New Year sales season by offering a deal in advance.

SCA Directive comes into effect


A new EU regulation called the SCA directive comes into effect, and the consequences can be rather significant. this is what you need to know about it!

Yotpo becomes a bundled UGC solution for Magento 2 users


Having Yotpo as its bundled solution for user generated content (UGC), Magento 2 brings a whole new dimension of interacting with the customers to all of their sellers!

The breakup between eBay and PayPal goes faster than predicted


The split between PayPal and eBay goes faster than initially predicted, and it draws some serious consequences for both parties. Read all about it in this article!

Hackers strike at Volusion – payment card details stolen from 6500 online stores!


A serious breach of security happened with Volusion servers. As a result, payment details of customers have been stolen from 6500 websites based on this eCommerce platform! The consequences will be severe! Read all about it!

PSD2 Directive – what does it bring, and how to implement it?


A new EU rule, called the PSD2 Directive just became valid, and it will bring some changes to the world of eCommerce. What does it mean for the UK retailers? Read here!

Shopify to invest over 1 billion USD in their own fulfilment network


Shopify was already one of the leading eCommerce platforms, but with a new investment of $1 billion in their own fulfilment network, they threaten to become even more relevant. Read all about it here!

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