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AI enters marketplaces through the partnership of Mirakl and Silverback

Mirakl and Silverback are partnering to introduce AI into the world of marketplaces! Read all about it!

AI enters marketplaces through the partnership of Mirakl and Silverback

For several years Mirakl has been one of the leading providers of marketplace connectors for retailers, and they reached that position for a very good reason. Namely, they always aimed to provide retailers using marketplaces with a perfect tool for running multichannel operations. This included high automation of all operations and data collection that allowed faster and more efficient decision making. Along with easy integration with some of the leading eCommerce platform, it has been a great solution for many vendors.

Despite all of this, there came a time when all of the provided services are simply not enough anymore. Most of the big retailers have a problem processing all the data provided by Mirakl, and manual operations in terms of adjusting the prices, and the stock placement became too chaotic and prone to numerous errors. 

Naturally, this never reflects positively on business, so the solution was needed to bridge the gaps in the current offer.

This solution came in the form of AI. Artificial intelligence is an ideal way to refine data and keep track of the market without using a huge amount of human resources.

The leadership of the Mirakl saw Silverback as an ideal partner for this task, thus a new partnership emerged. It has the potential to significantly shake up the situation on marketplaces, and bring a new model of running business in this sphere of eCommerce.

The main idea behind this approach is the effort to allow retailers to adjust their stock and prices so they can be competitive and even dominate targeted marketplaces. The only difference is that now huge portfolios are not impossible to track anymore. AI does that part automatically and can adjust your selling strategies accordingly.

Once fully implemented, this new approach will definitely give the edge to the retailers using it. It will significantly decrease the expenses by eliminating a huge amount of working hours, but it will also minimize the mistakes which are often even more costly than the manpower. It is yet to be seen how this will work in real situations, but given the reputation of both Silverback and Mirakl, there is a good chance that this will be a new option for advanced retailers that can change the situation on the market completely!

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