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3 Things to Have When Selling on Marketplaces

In this guest post, Jonathan Tait, Head of Marketing at multichannel platform provider Volo Commerce, discusses the basic elements any successful multichannel business should aim to have.

Submitted by Studioworx Social Media Team on 27/06/2017

The Hidden Benefit of Going Multichannel to Multiply Revenues

In this guest post, Jonathan Tait, Head of Marketing at ecommerce platform provider Volo Commerce, explains the why savvy sellers are putting their eggs – and products – in more than one basket.

Submitted by Studioworx Social Media Team on 19/06/2017

Active content eBay rules are about to change - are you ready?

At the beginning of June 2017, the active content eBay rules will change. It will render many features useless, and can cause some serious damage to your business. We are discussing these changes here, and providing the guidelines how to become compatible with the new policy.

Submitted by Studioworx Social Media Team on 11/04/2017

Send your Business Worldwide with eBay`s Global Shipping Programme

The rise of the internet and e-commerce means that the marketplace for business has drastically grown over the last few years. Where most businesses in the past have been limited to only selling to customers in close proximity, with people being able to access websites or online marketplaces such as eBay, we are now seeing business selling to people from all corners of the earth.

Submitted by Studioworx Social Media Team on 21/12/2016

Tips to Successful Packaging on Amazon

For people who conduct their business either partly or exclusively on Amazon – or indeed online in general, there are many things which need to be considered. One big issue is that you must ensure that you are adequately protecting your product in shipping. Of course, whilst the product is in your hands, you treat it well, and the likelihood is that when it is in the hands of the consumer, they look after it. However, when it is in the post, it’s another story.

Submitted by Studioworx Social Media Team on 30/11/2016

Boosting your Brand on eBay

For any business who operates fully or partly online, branding can be a major factor in its success. In fact, businesses who don`t pay particular attention to building a brand online will often find themselves behind their competitors in terms of the success

Submitted by Studioworx Social Media Team on 18/10/2016

Building your Brand on eBay

In the world of e-commerce and online sales, branding plays a vital role. Consumers increasingly are looking to buy more than just a product. They want to know about a company, buy from people who see the world in a similar way to them, and a lot of this can be communicated through branding online.

Submitted by Studioworx Social Media Team on 11/10/2016

All You Need to Know About Amazon Suspensions

For a lot of businesses who operate online, using Amazon to sell their products can be an excellent way to promote their business, be found by consumers and offer a security to customers which wouldn`t necessarily be the case for businesses who only sell through their websites or lesser known listings sites.

Submitted by Studioworx Social Media Team on 14/09/2016

Get a Christmas Bonus with eBay`s Promoted Listings

In the world of online sales and e-commerce, one of the biggest problems that businesses can face is getting their products seen by potential buyers. The internet is a big place, and you are effectively in competition with the whole world, so it can get pretty crowded in that marketplace. A lot of online marketing is about coming top of search results and people being able to find you, rather than the other way around. With eBay`s promoted listings, however, this can change.

Submitted by Studioworx Social Media Team on 14/07/2015

eBay Responsive Listings

The way we buy online is changing rapidly. Gone are the days in which we would have to wait until we got home to our desktop or laptop computers to send our orders, as thanks to the rise in technology we are now able to make purchases on the go via mobiles and other handheld devices. In recent years we've seen a massive increase in mobile sales, with experts predicting it will grow further by over 80 per cent in 2015. Retailer eBay now sees 40 per cent of their listings now being touched by handheld devices.eBay Responsive Listings

Submitted by Studioworx Social Media Team on 29/06/2015