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Amazon Prime Day 2020 | Biggest Day for Businesses


Amazon Prime Day 2020 biggest days for businesses worldwide| surge in customer attraction for the online retailer

eBay starts managing payments in the UK in 2020


eBay starts managing payments on its own for the customers in the UK. Read what this means for your business!

Amazon decides to dominate yet another market


Amazon decided to conquer beauty and cosmetics market by providing a service that was never seen before in this field. The consequences and the benefits could be huge! Read all about it here!

Morrisons and Amazon extend their reach in the UK


Morrisons and Amazon are expanding their joint reach in the UK by adding several more cities to their portfolio for the same day grocery deliveries. Read and find where this offer just became available!

Amazon Advertising goes live in Australia


Amazon has launched their advertising platform for the Australian market. Read which options the sellers operating there will get!

A new Amazon distribution centre in Bristol is about to open


Amazon decided to impšrove their coverage of the UK and shorten delivery times by opening a new distribution centre in Bristol. Click and read all about it!

Walmart answers the Amazon with free one-day shipping!


Walmart decided to answer the challenge made by Amazon by introducing a one day free shipping option. The consequences of this move will be huge! Read all about it!

Will one-day Prime shipping destroy the retail as we know it?


Expeditive delivery provided by Amazon Prime One Day Shipping is a feature that could have a disruptive effect on global digital commerce! Will it kill the retail as we know it? Read this article and find out!

Micolet expands further in Europe


A new emerging marketplace Micolet starts its expansion into European markets. Read all about this!

Prime One-day Shipping draws an $800 million investment from Amazon


Amazon decided to boost their Prime One-Day shipping option in the US by investing a staggering $800 million in it!

eBay Introduces ways to collect Internet Seller Tax


eBay has just introduced a feature that automatically collects the Internet Seller Tax in the US. Read all about this here!

Amazon teams up with Correos in the Spanish market


Amazon decided to enhance their presence in the Spanish market by creating a strategic alliance with Correos! Click here and read what it means for the shoppers and the sellers in that region!

Visual shopping on eBay mobile becomes more intuitive


Visual shopping on eBay mobile just became more intuitive! It opens a myriad of new possibilities! Read all about it here!

Amazon drops by 4 places in the UK in the Customer Satisfaction Index


In the latest UK Customer Satisfaction Index survey, Amazon has surprisingly dropped on the list by no less than 4 places! Read all about it here!

Is eBay facing the greatest change ever?


eBay is about to face the largest changes ever in the following period. There are numerous signs that the shift is drawing near. Read all about it!

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