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Morrisons and Amazon extend their reach in the UK

Morrisons and Amazon decided to expand their joint reach in the UK by adding several new cities in the offer! Read all about it!

Morrisons and Amazon extend their reach in the UK

For quite some time, an option of using Amazon Prime Now for the same day groceries delivery from the Morrisons was an option restricted to only a few cities in the UK. 

The service is provided via “Morrisons at Amazon” on Prime now and via the app of the same name, and it included an option of ordering groceries online and getting them delivered to your home by Amazon within an hour of the purchase!

Now, these two major players on the UK market decided to expand their reach, and the same option will become available in several more UK cities in 2019. The expansion list includes Portsmouth, Liverpool, Sheffield, Glasgow, and Newcastle.

This is not the end of the expansion, and it has been announced that it will continue past 2019 to additional cities in the UK. It will be centred on the Morrisons physical stores and the Amazon Prime coverage, and with both being expanded rapidly in the past few years, it is to be expected that this high-quality same-day service will become a staple in many cities.

Doug Gurr, who is a Country Manager for the UK at Amazon says that they are more than happy with the evolution of their partnership with Morrisons ever since it all started back in 2016, and that they intend to invest extra effort in making this extremely convenient way of shopping for groceries available to more and more Prime users across the UK.

The sentiments on the other side of this partnership are rather similar, so it is reasonable to expect that the joint effort for expansion will become even stronger in the following period.

The customers should be rather pleased with this, especially the Amazon Prime users in the areas affected by the expansion as they will get a super-fast, and extremely convenient option that will save them a lot of time and provide a stress-free means of shopping for groceries.

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