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AB testing as a way to increase conversion rates in eCommerce


AB testing or multivariate testing in eCommerce is an approach that can improve your conversion rates significantly, and bring your online business to an entirely new level. This article gives the basic guidelines on how to carry out split tests in an optimal way!

Importance of UX design in eCommerce operations


Learn why user experience (UX) design is important for your successful online operations. Find out how to approach different situations and stay on the winning track. Learn why mobile and desktop UX are not the same and how you can make a website that works great through all the channels!

5 mobile optimisation tips for maximum conversion


Now, we may not have a colourful pie chart or a data driven graph smattered with statistics informing you with the percentage of mobile users who will abandon your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Nor do we know the exact numbers, in terms of traffic on your website, which come directly from a mobile.

5 Ways To Ensure Your eCommerce Customers Come Back


Depending on what sort of ecommerce store you have, you will see a fluctuation in your sales according to a multitude of denominators. It could be the introduction of a popular item which sees sales soar or celebratory days in the calendar, like Christmas and Valentine’s Day, which cause a spike of sales.  But more often than not it can be seasonal.

Tips to Optimising your Customer


The world of e-commerce is already a big one, and is still growing. There are many benefits to running a business online, an obvious one being that you have very few overheads, meaning that costs can be kept lower than they would have been in the 'off-line' world.

How to Reduce Cart Abandonment on your Website


So you spend hours and hours designing and building your website, and then more time and money promoting it, engaging with social media, testing and re-testing Pay Per Click keywords - doing everything that you are supposed to be doing. And your efforts are paying off - people are coming to your website.

20 Tips for E-Commerce Design Usability


With technological developments and the way that the internet is evolving, one area that is becoming increasingly popular is e-commerce. There are many benefits to running a business almost entirely online, including little to no overheads, and being able to market to the whole world and not just to people who are local to you.

How cart abandonment software can increase conversions


There can be many reasons why a customer may abandon their cart. Perhaps the checkout process is too confusing, they might have gone away to think about it before their return to buy, or they simply might have changed their mind. Understanding the reasons why, and trying to prevent any issues that can cause a shopper to abandon their carts can be a very knowledgeable tool in ecommerce. Here are a few of the main reasons why customers could abandon their baskets, and tips on how to solve them.

How website faceted search improves the buying experience


User experience is as crucial as Search Engine Optimisation on a website. If users can easily navigate your site, they will come back to it. There's no point having a fully optimised site that just isn't converting into sales because of blockers on the user's journey. One way to make the path a little easier is to use faceted search. Read more to discover how it can help to improve user's experience on your website.

Tips to Creating a More Usable E-Commerce Website


E-commerce is a fast growing phenomenon in today's online world. In many ways running an online shop is a lot more profitable than an offline shop as you have a lot fewer overheads – spending less money on premises, and staff, for starters.

Understanding Online Behaviour


Regardless of whether we want to or not, everyone enters any kind of experience with an expectation. It might be of our day when we wake up in the morning, to a journey, or an online buying experience.

Shopping Tips - How to Get More for Less


In a similar way to many other areas, the internet has opened up a whole new world of new options when it comes to online shopping. It is allowing what were once physical shops to expand their customer base from not just a small town in the British countryside, but now to the whole world.

User Experience Design Strategy and Planning


When it comes to choosing who we buy from, or do business with, there are two factors that most people consider these days – the quality of the product and the user experience. With the increase of people buying from the internet, it is now a lot easier to find the product that you are after. For example, if you knew that you wanted a specific product, the internet gives you the option of a number of different places to buy it from, and this means that people are now looking for other reasons to choose to buy from one business, instead of another.

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