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Amazon decides to dominate yet another market

Amazon decided to expand in the beauty and cosmetics sector and that could cause a tectonic shift in the industry. Read all about it!

Amazon decides to dominate yet another market

Amazon is a leading marketplace on a global scale, and for a very long time, they have been expanding across various verticals, slowly disrupting vertical after vertical and setting new standards that are hardly matched by any other player on the market. 

Now, they are about to enter a new vertical and it is expected that they will disrupt it, at the hype and the pleasure of the potential shoppers.

Beauty and Spa

Namely, they have announced that the Amazon Professional Beauty Store is about to open, and it will include professional grade products usually used by beauty salons, hairdressers, and spas. Of course, in their well-known style, they will offer a myriad of top quality products, including the leading brands in the industry, at the prices that are more than affordable, and with delivery options which are simply unmatched!

Why is it so important?

First of all, the manufacturers of these products will get an ideal place where to sell their products quickly and with the options that are not available anywhere else. Of course, in most of the cases, their products will be sold via retailers and partners.

The retailers will get a perfect platform where they can sell their products in a simple and centralised way, reaching the global market with ease, and using a highly developed infrastructure that Amazon provides.

Finally, the professionals, as well as salons and spas will have a perfect place where they can simply and efficiently order whatever the products they need! Until now, this has often been a pretty time-consuming process that often involved actually travelling to the nearest retailer that offers such products.

Since this is a market that is constantly growing, it is clear that the Amazon has made a great move that will cause a serious stir, and could potentially affect the global online sales, as this niche draws a lot of value.

Given their history, the capabilities and the resources they have, it is more than certain that this will be yet another absolute win for the largest marketplace out there.

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