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Amazon Prime Day 2020 | Biggest Day for Businesses

Amazon Prime Day 2020 biggest days for businesses worldwide| surge in customer attraction for the online retailer

Amazon Prime Day 2020 | Biggest Day for Businesses

Amazon Prime Day 2020 (or days in this case), delayed this year, intending to kickstart early Christmas shopping, provided a fantastic opportunity for businesses and customers alike to benefit from the perks of online retailing, and with that, the significant discounts offered this year. Over 1 million deals were available this time round, across a huge range of products, from a wide selection of businesses; big and small. Of note was the availability of purchases from small retailers, of which make up over half of Amazon’s marketplace. A £10 incentive was offered to customers who purchased from small businesses, with products being seen alongside top labels in the marketplace. Amazon Prime Day enabled businesses to enter the spotlight and get their products noticed, albeit at a discounted price, the exposure paved the way for future business on Amazon Marketplace.

Overall, Amazon dominates 30% of UK’s ecommerce marketplace. Selling on Amazon in general provides an array of benefits to businesses, including automatic VAT invoicing, VAT-exclusive price displays, business pricing and quantity discounts and enhanced offer visibility. Fast and free shipping is one of Amazon’s highlights, enabling businesses to distribute products quickly to customers, thus increasing satisfaction. As a business on Amazon, you are entitled to discounts on millions of products, including multiunit purchases. Amazon’s tax exemption program benefits small businesses, allowing tax breaks on certain products. In short, having a business account with Amazon allows for seamless and inexpensive purchases of cooperate items, free shipping options and an efficient way to operate your business. Another benefit with Amazon, other than it being one of the most popular methods of online shopping overall, meaning your brand will get full recognition of its products. With Amazon 2020, this means more customers will be shopping on this platform, customers will be able to see your business and what it offers. Online shopping has surged by 129% across the UK and Europe. In the US for instance, Amazon has seen a 36% increase in shopping during Amazon Prime Day 2020, and 1/3rd of shopping was done through Amazon Marketplace. 

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