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Micolet expands further in Europe

Micolet starts aggressive expansion in Europe. Read all about it!

Micolet expands further in Europe

Micolet is a rather unique marketplace that hails from Spain, and they just decided to expand their portfolio further and open their operations in two additional European countries – Poland and the Netherlands.

This is a marketplace that deals with second-hand clothes, and it has shown quite a rapid growth, especially in the markets that have high fashion awareness. They are growing at the rate of some 50k new customers each month, and they bring some 1000 new listings on a daily basis.

Last year they have started their operations in France, Spain, US, Germany, Italy, and Portugal, and although it is a rather new marketplace, they seem to have caught a foothold thanks to the unique type of goods they sell.

They already possess a 10-thousand square meters warehouse, and they have a rather effective way of operations. Namely, all the items listed on their website are first inspected for the quality, and only then listed with the original pictures being provided along with the listings. This greatly improves customer satisfaction and increases their reliability as a retailer. On top of that, the pricing is very popular, as it is all used goods, and many people see it as an ideal opportunity to buy high-quality clothes at a very affordable price.

They operate on a revenue share model where a certain amount is deducted after each made sale, which makes it extremely handy to the sellers as well.

With this new expansion, it is to be expected that the company will continue its strong growth, and due to the type of the wares they sell, it is reasonable to expect that they will remain relevant for a foreseeable future. 

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