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Amazon drops by 4 places in the UK in the Customer Satisfaction Index

Amazon dropped by 4 places in the latest Customer Satisfaction Index research conducted in the UK. Read all about it!

Amazon drops by 4 places in the UK in the Customer Satisfaction Index

Amazon was the top online retailer in Customer Satisfaction Index in the UK for the past 12 years. This metric is issued every other year, and thus far there was little to no chance that Amazon will be landed anywhere except at the top spot. Still, this year it changed!

The main reason for this is the introduction of a new and more comprehensive way of calculating the satisfaction index, and the added parameters made quite a significant change. For the first time, Amazon has dropped from the top spot all the way down to the 5th place.

This wasn’t the only change that happened, as many retailers that were expected to rank high have dropped and many that were never the frontrunners made some huge strides in the positive direction.

The best example of this is eBay. They were always ranked in the top 30 but this year they dropped out of the top 50 retailers on this list.

The reasons behind such drastic changes are not only in the new way of calculating customer satisfaction, but they should be looked for in other segments as well. Namely, many online retailers stepped up their game wishing to become more competitive, and it obviously paid off.

The consequences of such a development will be more than beneficial for the end customers since it is to be expected that the retailers will strive to improve their service and position themselves better on the next list. There is plenty of time to make the adjustments until the next batch of results is released, and the latest changes clearly show that the largest players don’t have the monopoly on the top places on the list. 

It certainly bodes well for the future as it will result in much better service and will keep pushing eCommerce in the UK in the right direction.

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