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Walmart answers the Amazon with free one-day shipping!

Walmart decides to answer to the challenge imposed by Amazon with the one-day free shipping option! Read all about it!

Walmart answers the Amazon with free one-day shipping!

Walmart was always known as a company that is more than capable of tackling even the largest of its competitors in terms of investing in new technologies and new features. This time, it seems that a mini-war between them and the Amazon is on the horizon, and the end results should be more than interesting for both other retailers and the shoppers.

One day shipping

For a rather long time, quick delivery was reserved for the people living close to the storage facilities of these giants. Now, as the Amazon has decided to increase the stakes by investing heavily in one-day shipping for their Prime users, the service became all of a sudden much more relevant than before.

Still, it is something that comes with a price tag to it, as a yearly membership fee for Amazon Prime stands at $119. Still, for people who are ordering a lot online, this is a small price to pay if they want their goods shipped to them in record times. 

Walmart’s revenge

Walmart saw this as a direct attack on their interests, and they decided to fight back with a vengeance. Since they recognised the potential that the one-day delivery brings to the table, they decided to match the service, but with a twist that makes them even more competitive!

Namely, they will be providing the same service, but with no membership fees involved! They will not have a special program such as Prime, but instead will offer this service to ALL of their customers if they order the goods worth more than $32!

This is a huge benefit for the shoppers who do not spend huge amounts of money shopping online on a yearly basis, and who would have little interest in paying the Amazon Prime membership fee!

On top of that, this approach actually stimulates shoppers to buy more as they will be inclined to spend a few more dollars in order to meet the quota for one-day shipping.

The technical part of this program is not an issue as Walmart is competing with the Amazon for years now, and they have been upgrading their technology constantly in order to match its competitors.

All in all, this is something that will benefit many customers across the US. Not only that it will give them more options and better service, but it will likely set off a chain reaction as the other leading retailers would have to match what these two giants offer in order to stay competitive!

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