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Amazon Advertising goes live in Australia

Amazon Advertising service goes live in Australia. Read all about it!

Amazon Advertising goes live in Australia

Amazon Advertising just went live in Australia and it opened up a myriad of opportunities for many agencies and advertisers. There is no need for sellers to get excited about it as the main features regarding the marketplace itself are still not live, but the advertisers should see this as a golden opportunity.

The main point behind this move is that Amazon is slowly but steadily making an impact on a segment of the market they have never covered before. This program is set to do exactly that!

What is available?

At the moment, there are 3 different options available to the advertisers:

Amazon DSP

Amazon display ads

Amazon video ads

The issue with all 3 services is that they are not launched to promote the listings on the Amazon, but instead act pretty much in the same way as Google advertising tools. It is possible to link Amazon listings, but also the outer sources, regardless of their destination. This effectively makes Amazon Advertising a sort of a native advertising network, but with a hell of a kick behind it given their financial strength and the company’s status.

The options provided at the moment are pretty straight forward. Video and display ads are rather standard features, very similar to those of Google, and can be used in the exact same way. Amazon DSP, on the other hand, is more of a media buying tool that allows buying placements pretty much anywhere, including Amazon itself. 

All three options are pretty much designed for agencies and media buyers at the moment as the sellers could have some benefits out of them, but they are hardly the tools they have been waiting for. In the later stages, they will be provided with the elements that suit their needs better. 

The implications of this move could be potentially huge, as the Amazon has the capabilities and the funds to openly challenge pretty much any company in the world, and the direct clash between them and Google would be a fun thing to watch, especially because the end users would see a lot of improvements out of that battle.

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