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Amazon teams up with Correos in the Spanish market

Amazon and Correos create a strategic alliance for the Spanish market! Read all about it!

Amazon teams up with Correos in the Spanish market

The world’s leading marketplace Amazon has just signed a 3-year contract with the Spanish company Correos to provide better last mile services to its users in that country. Since Correos is pretending to become a leader in logistics services in entire Spain, this move seems to have a lot of sense and to be ideal for both companies.

Correos currently has some 2400 post offices and some 5000 CityPaq, and this is the network that is capable of providing the high-quality service Amazon demands for its customers. The coverage is more than adequate, especially if we take into consideration employs over 30 thousand postmen.

Correos has definitely proven that they possess the capacity to cover huge volumes of shipments, as they have delivered over 24 million shipments in November and December 2018 only! The partnership with Amazon will allow them to remain at the highest possible level when it comes to volumes of shipments.

This is the second important partnership Correos has signed, as they have already partnered with AliExpress in order to give support to small and medium businesses in Spain in their cross-border fulfillment. This previous partnership had multiple vendors taking part in it, and its main goal was to open up the markets of Spain and Latin America to the AliExpress.

With these two moves in place, it seems that Correos is on the right track to becoming a leader in the logistics department in the Iberian Peninsula, and that has significant positive consequences, not only on the company itself but on the shoppers as well. With Correos being involved with two major marketplaces on a global level, the customers in Spain could hope for the shopping experiences they never had before. Their options just became wider and more favourable.

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