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Kaliedy uses Kooomo for the new eCommerce web store!

Kaliedy uses the Kooomo platform and Studioworx to develop the their new eCommerce experience

Kaliedy uses Kooomo for the new eCommerce web store!

Kaliedy Irish online baby nursery and toy industry where families and parents can purchase baby essentials. From Toys to books Kaliedy has 95 years of experience in the baby industry, giving their customers a simple shopping experience when looking for their child’s Early Learning and essential developmental stage. Recently Kaliedy wanted to reinvent their website, using Kooomo as a method to build their online nursey and baby essential store. Kaliedy is to announce their exclusive stockist of Early Learning Centre toys across Ireland. Kaliedy has an aim to deliver to their customers an intuitive website deisgn including an ‘innovative new warehousing system’, which enables home deliveries to be easy and fast for their customers. This new site was launched in response to the pandemic condition and responding to the need of remote shopping, in the wake of lockdown and measures taken in regards to the crisis.

The website has clear category and product pages, which provides detailed information that is required to know. It also has stunning product images with customers Instagram images and with a range of payment methods. The new site consists of seamless UX. Kailedy has responded to using Kooomo as the platform has enabled the business to expand online during uncertainty, as there was a need for adapting and keeping with pace on today’s growing and fast-changing landscape and environment. Kaliedy is prepared for the ongoing changes as their online website can be synced with sales, optimisation and can be managed easily. At the state of the economy and society, with parent-to-be and families, it was imperative that the intuitive platform for Kaliedy was made to put parents and families at the heart of its design. Products can be found with ease and the checkout process is simpler and seamless. With Ireland’s largest variety of feeding products and brands, these essential features gives Kaliedy the ability to enter the market with ease, and will highly impact the community of families.

Kaliedy using Kooomo will make a positive impact on other business, as the goal being to make online shopping simpler and easy for families and parents, will be achieved. Studioworx, who helped to design and build on this website has truly made it possible to achieve these goals. The designers have created a acrtistic, creative and useful design to enable families and parents to purchase necessities during this difficult period. The developers of Studioworx has also made it possible as they have taken the goals in place in order to make the user experience more seamless and easier.


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