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Shopify Partners with TikTok

Shopify and TikTok work together for social e-commerce

Shopify Partners with TikTok

Shares of Shopify Inc were treated to a 4.2% increase on Tuesday, October 27, after an agreement was reached to create a partnership with TikTok. This new collaboration allows merchants to utilise a Shopify channel on TikTok to advertise and demonstrate products, creating an easy pathway to their own Shopify stores. TikTok and Shopify will allow companies even without a large TikTok presence to benefit from the platform and reach out to new audiences while maintaining TikTok’s unique user experience. TikTok has an impressive 100 million+ users in the USA alone, a fantastic selling point for interested companies. Shares over the past three months have increased by 11%.

The collaboration means Shopify merchants can create, run and optimise TikTok marketing campaigns directly with the Shopify dashboard. Once access to the App has been made, merchants can have access to key functions from TikTok Business Ads Manager. With these tools, marketers can create native and sharable content which turns their products into In-Feed video ads which will resonate within the TikTok community.

This is an opportunity for merchants to reach out to a wider audience. Shopify has been working to enable smaller businesses to compete in the marketplace against the likes of Amazon and Walmart, whilst maintaining partnerships with the aforementioned giant Walmart. Shopify presents several benefits to merchants. It has a range of app integrations (TikTok now being one of them). It is simple to use and easy to navigate. Businesses can sell one or multiple products by using the advanced Shopify homepage. It will increase business ROI and boosts overall commercial revenue. With the rise of e-commerce, the need to optimise and ease of mobile responsiveness, powerful marketing tools are what make Shopify a great platform to use.

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