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Hackers strike at Volusion – payment card details stolen from 6500 online stores!

Volusion servers have been hacked and payment details of customers using 6500 stores have been stolen! Read all about this!

Hackers strike at Volusion – payment card details stolen from 6500 online stores!

Volusion, one of the most popular eCommerce platforms globally, has suffered a heavy blow. According to several sources, the platform has been hacked, and the payment card details from more than 6,500 online stores based on this platform have been stolen! This is one of the gravest security breaches in recent history, and it can have deep and troubling consequences on several levels!

What really happened?

The investigation has shown that a small piece of malicious code has been inserted into the Volusion servers, and it helped leak the payment card details of all shoppers who purchased on 6,500 affected websites. 

These merchants have been completely compromised, as each transaction made via online forms has been recorded by the script inserted in the servers and relayed to its creators. It means that each credit card used while the servers have been compromised is now subject to fraudulent purchases anywhere in the world!

Who is affected?

This security breach affects both shoppers and merchants. Shoppers who used their cards to pay for goods or services on websites built on Volusion are at risk of being robbed, while the merchants will suffer a significant drop in terms of their brand authority. Scandals like these are never good for the business, as these merchants could be seen as unreliable by the shoppers aware of the incident.

Finally, this impacts Volusion as an eCommerce platform. This is a type of breach that simply can’t be allowed, and the fact that it affected one of the industry leaders in terms of the number of storefronts based on their platform is telling a lot about the future of Volusion. It is to be expected that they will lose a lot of customers, as merchants will be looking to move their storefronts elsewhere.

What should you do?

If you have purchased anything on websites based on the Volusion platform, you should pay close attention to your card transactions and react immediately if you notice one that has not been made by you.

In case you are a merchant, and you base your online sales on the Volusion eCommerce platform, you should move to another option as soon as possible. There are more than plenty of options that are completely secure and available, and you should not risk your own reputation.

If you are thinking about this move, feel free to give us a call and we will be more than able to advise you on the move to the next platform that will be ideally suited for your business.

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