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BigCommerce Partner Summit 2021

BigCommerce Partner Summit 2021

What's your perfect Thursday morning? Ours has to be dancing to bhangra at 9am while literally rubbing shoulders with game changers in the ecommerce space.

As 2X Certified BigCommerce partners, the Studioworx team was invited to London for the annual BigCommerce Partner Summit. The conference was an opportunity to see what BigCommerce has in the pipeline for their platform and to connect with other leading agencies from across the EMEA region. At Studioworx we’re committed to being early adopters of the latest technology so we weren’t going to miss a chance for an early look at new releases that could benefit our customers.

A packed schedule of speakers and panels kicked off with an update on BigCommerce’s strategy delivered over webcam by CEO Brent Bellm (the only person in attendance not sweating after our first of two energetic dance sessions led by dance troupe VP Bhangra). Bellm shared how Bigcommerce is shaping the Open Saas landscape by offering a solution for ecommerce businesses looking for full customisation with the benefits of SaaS.

A highlight was hearing from BigCommerce VP Meghan Stabler about the recent acquisition of Feedomnomics and the endless possibilities emerging for omnichannel growth. We also gained new insights into the rise of headless commerce and how we can help our customers here at Studioworx take full advantage of opportunities emerging in this space.

A big theme of the day was scaling, particularly how mutually advantageous partnerships between ecommerce platforms, agencies and merchants can drive growth for all parties. We looked at the role of localisation in global expansion and came away with key insights we look forward to passing on to our customers.

We were also given an early look at the BigCommerce product roadmap. Most of the content of this session was confidential but we are allowed to share a few features and updates with our customers pre-release.

We came away from the event more convinced than ever that success in ecommerce demands openness to constant change and a readiness to adopt new technologies at every level. The BigCommerce partner summit was just one part of a program of education and upskilling we undertake as a team to enable us to empower customers looking to scale using SaaS, open source or bespoke solutions. Because we are platform agnostic, we stay up to date on all leading platforms and offer unbiased recommendations to suit businesses of all sizes.

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