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Yotpo becomes a bundled UGC solution for Magento 2 users

Yotpo becomes a bundled UGC solution for Magento 2 customers! Read all about it here!

Yotpo becomes a bundled UGC solution for Magento 2 users

Magento has always been one of the leaders amongst eCommerce platforms, and one of their trump cards was always the ability to integrate all kinds of 3rd party services relatively easily into any store based on it.

Ever since Magento 2 has been launched, the company started adding even more powerful options into its core service, providing its users with an option to upgrade their Magento 2 based stores with extremely powerful features without huge amount of work required.

The next step in this direction is including Yotpo as a bundled solution for user-generated content under Magento 2. 

What is Yotpo?

Yotpo is a leading UGC platform with a huge untapped potential to absolutely dominate the market in the following years. They bring a robust platform that includes not only ratings and reviews but also allows multimedia interaction between vendors and their customers.

It is a UGC platform that has a unique approach to any kind of user-generated content, and the ability to cover multichannel and omnichannel operations from a single spot!

Why is this new option important?

Yotpo is one of the Studioworx partners, and a solution that is available to all our clients, regardless of the platform they are using. However, this new approach greatly reduces implementation times and costs, so all our clients operating their stores on the latest Magento 2 platform will be able to deploy this unique UGC system at relatively low cost.

Even better, since Yotpo is providing FREE services for smaller clients (up to 50 customer reviews per month), this makes it a great starting point for introducing a ratings and reviews system on your website. It is possible to upgrade to custom premium solutions easily and quickly.

Since UGC has proven itself to be a cornerstone of establishing the brand authority, this is an option that should be pursued and the one that we highly recommend!

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