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BigCommerce introduces Trust Pilot as their Elite Technology Partner

BigCommerce makes Trust Pilot their Elite Technology Partner. These are the consequences...

BigCommerce introduces Trust Pilot as their Elite Technology Partner

BigCommerce is well established as one of the leading eCommerce platforms out there, and the things are pretty much the same with Trust Pilot in the sector of user-generated content such as ratings and reviews. 

These two companies leading their respective sectors decided to move things further, and although the integration between the two platforms existed in the past, now they decided to become Elite Partners. This means that the Trust Pilot is becoming a preferred solution for the UGC for all e-shops based on BigCommerce, and this will bring some real benefits, but there are some serious downsides to this approach as well.

The benefits

As we already mentioned, Trust Pilot is well established as a leading UGC platform and has been used by a huge number of retailers operating online. It is a very cheap and easy to integrate solution, and most of the retailers using it opt for it because it brings a reliable and well-known name at minimum cost.

Since the integration is extremely simple, and the costs are very low, it appears to be one of the best moves a retailer can make. The ratings and reviews are improving the brand reputation and the user experience on the website, and that often results in higher conversions. The fact that the ratings and reviews made via Trust Pilot are Google certified is another reason a lot of retailers see it as an ideal option for their operations.

The downside

Of course, there is a downside to this as well. Namely, Trust Pilot is a UGC platform that does not give the ownership of the content to the retailers.

This means that the ratings and reviews provided by this platform will increase brand reputation and improve conversions, but they will have no effect on the retailer's SEO. Instead, all of the user-generated content benefits Trust Pilot in these terms.

This move somewhat emulates a similar move recently made by Magento 2 who added Yotpo as their Premium Partner. The difference between the two approaches is significant, and this move by BigCommerce is not nearly as powerful in the premium segment but will be rather well suited for smaller retailers and start-up companies that are looking to make their expenses at the very minimum.

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