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ASA Focus on Reducing Gender Sterotyping in Adverstising


ASA decides to deal with gender stereotyping in their advertisements once and for all. 

eBay and Shopify to be Fully Integrated by Autumn 2017


eBay and Shopify to become fully integrated for sellers by Autumn 2017

Countdown to Amazon Prime Day!


Buyers and Sellers get Prepared for the Third Annual Amazon Prime Day

eBay Launch Price Match Guarantee across the UK and Some of Europe


eBay Price Match Guarantee in UK to build confidence and secure customers 

Tesco Fight Back after Amazon Shake-up of Online Supermarkets


Tesco react to Amazon moves by introducing new 1 hour delivery options

The Rise of Influencer Marketing as Powerful Marketing Tool


The latest study on the impact of micro-influencers on B2B marketing efforts brings some really interesting conclusions. This is the summary of these findings.

Amazon Patent Anti-Showrooming Technology


The issue of showrooming is one that is becoming increasingly common for today`s buyers and sellers. For those who aren`t familiar with the term, `showrooming` is when a customer is in a physical shop, and, using portable devices such as smartphones, effectively shop around to see if they can find the same product at a lower price elsewhere.

Twitter Bot Builder Tool to Help Marketers Deal with High Number of Queries


Sprout Social created a new bot builder that is going to help businesses solve customer queries in the record time. This article brings all that needs to be known about it.

Online Grocery Shopping Gets a Boost as Amazon Plan to buy Whole Foods


Amazon revealed its plans to acquire supermarket, Whole Foods to boost online grocery shopping. This is their plan

Morrisons Break Personal Information Regulations


Supermarket Morrisons fined £10,500 for breaking personal information regulations with unsolicited emails.

Amazon Ventures into the Live Music Business


In an attempt to boost its Amazon Prime service, Amazon are venturing into the UK live music business. Starting with a show by the world famous, Blondie on the 23rd of May, the US giant are expanding their music services to include putting on live shows as well as selling tickets for shows, gigs and other events – which they previously offered.

Parachute Delivery Technology Patented by Amazon


Amazon decided to make another leap concerning their delivery options. They just patented Amazon Parachute Delivery Technology, and this is all you need to know about it!

How the Rise of e-Commerce is Changing Off-Line Shopping


The rapid rise of eCommerce changes the world of commerce in general. These are the most important segments.

Brits Getting Ahead of the Game by Starting their Christmas Shopping Early


The newest trends in the UK shows that the British people tend to start their Christmas shopping online way before the schedule. This article shows what impact these trends make on the retailers operating in the UK.

eBay Change Seller Image Rights


The newest change to eBay image seller rights may have some repercussions to your business on online marketplaces. Click and find out what exactly you need to do in order to stay compliant.

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