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The Rise of Influencer Marketing as Powerful Marketing Tool

Study shows need for businesses to embrace micro influencers in B2B marketing

The Rise of Influencer Marketing as Powerful Marketing Tool

A white paper published by Traackr has identified a significant trend towards influencer marketing, proving it to be highly effective in today`s marketing world. The study included interviews with 10 industry experts, which included some people who built influencer marketing programmes at companies such as Samsung, Microsoft and IBM.

The study also shows, however that whilst many businesses are understanding the power of influencer marketing, few are making the changes in their marketing departments that are needed to ensure that it is successful. 

As seen by the Kirk Crenshaw who is Traackr CMO, the companies need a new approach to entering market. These companies also need to let go of the full control over the message they wish to broadcast, they need to start using new measurement methods, and to start using new skills they have never used before.

6 Influencer Marketing Trends

The study reveals six trends which we are seeing in B2B marketing, and which should be explored by businesses who are aiming to improve their marketing efforts:

1. The increased power of micro-influencers (individuals, experts or those passionate about a product as opposed to celebrities).

2. A good relationship between experts and a brand.

3. Using cross-functional collaboration instead of the silos effect.

4. Leading with importance instead of promotion.

5. `Always on` engagement instead of campaign-driven marketing.

6. The changing of measurement to reach to outcomes.

The Power of Micro-Influencers

According to an Experticity study last year, micro-influencers have more than 22 times per week more conversations about what products to buy than an average person. The influence of recommendations, especially by experts is great, and this is multiplied if the recommendations come from a number of different sources.

Rob Enderle, principal analyst at the Enderle Group said that multiple voices related to the same message can produce better results than a single one. He says it happens because the multiple voices approach gives a better target and it increases the trust levels with the recipients of the message.

Some of the most effective  small scale influencers in the business-to-business market are peers They have a much more powerful influence that other influencers, but it can be somewhat difficult to get them to talk due to business restrictions. It is therefore important that companies organise their marketing departments and strategies to accommodate this.

As micro-influencers are becoming an increasingly powerful influencer tool, it is important for businesses to be able to use them to the maximum effect. By making the voice of micro-influencers as loud as possible, businesses will start to see changes in their B2B marketing results.

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