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Countdown to Amazon Prime Day!

Buyers and Sellers get Prepared for the Third Annual Amazon Prime Day

Countdown to Amazon Prime Day!

Amazon have scheduled their third annual `Amazon Prime Day` to be on the 11th July this year. This year we see the `day` starting earlier – on 10th July at 6pm PT. The day is an attempt to get people to sign up for Amazon`s `Prime` service – which normally costs £79 a year and gives customers benefits such as one day delivery on some items when bought through their marketplace, as well as access to films and TV series through Prime Video, over 2 million songs to download through Prime Music and book services through Prime Reading.

For those who join up in the limited period around Amazon Prime Day, the price is lowered to £59 for a year long subscription. 

On the day, there are two types of deals which can be found – those which last all day, and `lightening deals` which are for shorter periods triggered throughout the day and set for a limited time with a limited stock.

Amazon Prime Day will include thirteen countries across the world - UK, US, Spain, Japan, Mexico, Italy, Germany, India, France, Canada, China, Austria and Belgium.

Amazon Prime Day for Sellers

If you are a seller through the Amazon marketplace, Amazon Prime Day is a great opportunity to make some extra sales and get yourself seen through promoting certain products. For those who aren`t already prepared, unfortunately there are certain benefits that you are likely to have missed out on, but there are still opportunities out there.

The day for vendors to submit deals has already passed, but you can make sure that you are prepared for next year by:

  • Ensuring that you have enough stock for a Prime Day Lightening deal which would last about 4 hours.
  • Offering at least a 20% discount
  • Offering discounts on products with a 3.0 start rating or over

You are still able to apply for Seller Fulfilled Prime, which will enable Prime buyers to see you on Prime day. However, to get the Prime badge on your products you need to have had 200 orders and this might be challenging to get before Prime Day.

You can make your products more visible on Prime Day through Seller Fulfilled Prime or FBA, or also by increasing your budget on Amazon Sponsored Products and bids.

 Amazon Prime Day is an excellent opportunity for both customers to get a great deal, and Amazon sellers to boost their sales. With an expected influx of new Amazon Prime members, sellers can really grasp the opportunity to get increase sales and get themselves seen.

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