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eBay Launch Price Match Guarantee across the UK and Some of Europe

eBay Price Match Guarantee in UK to build confidence and secure customers

eBay Launch Price Match Guarantee across the UK and Some of Europe

In line with their policy in the US, eBay have announced that they are to launch a price match guarantee across certain items which are sold in the UK and other major European countries. This means that customers who find the same product in a different location, at a lower price, once verified, can pay this price for the item if they buy it on eBay.

The guarantee is set to be rolled out across the UK and major eBay friendly European countries – France, Germany, Spain and Italy, giving consumers no excuse for not buying their items from an eBay vendor. They are already confident that eBay sellers offer among the best deals available, and this guarantee is set to be a confirmation of this realistically not changing very much.

TechCrunch stated that this move shows a real effort from eBay to avoid losing customers to Walmart, Amazon, and other competitors at the moment when the market is consolidating behind the key players in the niche. 

How it Works

The price match is triggered when a consumer finds an item which is guaranteed under eBay somewhere else at a lower price. The price should be reported to eBay and once it is verified, the consumer will be issued a voucher for the difference in price.

There are certain criteria which must be met in order to be eligible for the price match, for example, the item must be new, identical and available and at one of eBay`s competitor’s websites –,,,, and

Rob Hattrell, the vice president of eBay UK, said that their company is well aware that the UK shoppers are always looking for the best deal possible when buying online. The eBay Deals Programme has been growing constantly in the exponential manner since it has been launched back in 2009, and it is one of the clear favourites to regular eBay shoppers. They feel confident that the options already provided are favourite to the customers, but they also strive to constantly improve their service, thus the price matching will be another service that will give them the edge over their competitors. 

eBay already offer amongst the best prices for shopping and this price guarantee, more than anything is a confirmation of this fact. In reality, eBay products are amongst the best prices, so this guarantee is in most cases, a way to communicate this fact in a non-direct way. It will give consumers the confidence to buy products at eBay, safe in the knowledge that they are getting the best deal possible and that eBay is one of the best places to shop.

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