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eBay and Shopify to be Fully Integrated by Autumn 2017

eBay and Shopify to become fully integrated for sellers by Autumn 2017

eBay and Shopify to be Fully Integrated by Autumn 2017

It has been announced that eBay and Shopify will be fully integrated for online sellers by Autumn 2017 in the US. Shortly after, this is due to be rolled out worldwide in a move similar to that of what happened with Magento.

People who sell through Shopify will be able to immediately synchronise product and inventory information, prices and quantity information, as well as allowing product orders to be seamlessly transferred from eBay to Shopify - giving sellers the chance to manage all of their orders through one platform. The move will also allow information such as eBay messages from customers to be seen on Shopify, meaning that there will be no lapse in service.

Shopify Sales Channels

One of the beauties of using Shopify to sell products is that it allows sellers to use a number of different platforms including, to date, Amazon, Facebook, Messenger, Pinterest, BuzzFeed and of course Shopify`s own point of sale. The addition of eBay to this list strengthens Shopify`s hand substantially in its battle for online eCommerce supremacy.

Of course, this is a huge benefit for eBay  as well, giving them the chance to offer even more products to their worldwide customer base. Rob Kupbens, eBay`s Vice President on Global Trust and Seller Experience, comments that the focus of the company is providing its clients with the best selection and optimal choice of inventory options. The newly announced Shopify integration will enable a huge amount of retailers to seamlessly include eBay in their trading efforts, and will also bring huge volumes of great products to the eBay buyers. 

According to Shopify, 60% of their merchants sell on at least 2 different channels, so this integration seems likes the perfect fit to mutually improve both eBay and Shopify.

Multi-Channel Management

The main benefit that this integration will bring to merchants, is that it will allow them to manage multiple channels through their Shopify account, meaning that they will have accurate information at their finger-tips and be able to communicate quickly and effectively with their customers. They can already do this with Amazon, and with eBay added, vendors can spend more time concentrating on their products and sales, and less time on administering them.

This is an important and positive move for everyone who is involved in eCommerce, but especially for small to medium businesses, giving them greater ease in managing their sales.

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