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Parachute Delivery Technology Patented by Amazon

Amazon improves its delivery options by patenting parachute delivery technology

Parachute Delivery Technology Patented by Amazon

It has been revealed that Amazon have just received a patent for the technology which allows the delivery of goods purchased to be delivered by parachute. The technology includes a system which allows for the delivery of goods by an un-piloted aerial vehicle (UAV) or other aerial vehicle which will release the package when it is in position, with the package then floating to the ground.

The Device

It is believed that the package will be taken by drone to an area directly above the `drop-off point` where the package will be released and allowed to `float down` to the address using honing devices and shock absorbers to protect the product. Amazon are suggesting multiple packages for larger deliveries, although there are still doubts about how they will be able to protect breakable items.

Out of Town

Whilst delivery to addresses within large (and even not so large) cities is relatively easy and quick, delivering quickly and efficiently to addresses in the suburbs or in the countryside can be more difficult. Without networks and professional delivery companies, it can be difficult for Amazon or its sellers to be able to offer rapid and accurate delivery, and this latest revelation is evidence that Amazon are trying to address this issue.

There are obvious cases where the delivery of goods using drone and parachute might not be a possibility, such as for those living blocks of flats, or without a suitable landing area – such as a garden. However, it seems that this is targeted more at those who are living out of town – and therefore are more likely to have these areas.

The first delivery made by drone in the UK was carried out last year, so this might not be as far-fetched an idea as it might seem. After the success from the team in Cambridge it seems like this is becoming an increasingly viable option.

Amazon Delivery Deadlines

The delivery of items quickly and on time is vitally important to Amazon. With many customers paying extra for same day, or at least quick delivery, Amazon are fully aware of how this effects the customer experience and is one of the reasons why many customers choose to buy from them or their store holders.

This recent patent receipt shows how Amazon are continually striving to improve their customers` experience and therefore continue to grow and expand, keeping their finger on the pulse of new developments and ensuring that their customers are happy. 

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