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Twitter Bot Builder Tool to Help Marketers Deal with High Number of Queries

Sprout Social devise bot builder, helping businesses respond quickly to customer queries.

Twitter Bot Builder Tool to Help Marketers Deal with High Number of Queries

In a world where automation is becoming increasingly popular, customers seem to be increasingly looking for human interaction. But with record numbers of customer queries coming into business`s social media accounts, this can be a massive strain on resources.

According to, only 12% of brands actually respond to social media queries, and of those who do respond, the average response time is a staggering 11 hours. Of course, in today`s world where we are used to getting responses right here, right now, this is at best annoying and at a worst could be enough to turn customers off a particular brand or company.

So the perfect solution would be to be able to have a bot which can send out automated responses to common questions, leaving the more specific questions to the human experts.

Sprout Social Twitter Bot Builder Tool

Social media management gurus, Sprout Social are offering the answer to marketers in their new bot builder. According to Aaron Rankin – Sprout Social`s Chief Technology Officer, this bot has been built with the presumption that the real conversation produces great UX. The automation process is not meant to replace actual people, but to help them improve their performance and grant them better control over the situation via advanced workflows. The bot has been created to carry out self-configuration, collect all the necessary data, and provide the CEX agents with the pretext that will help them solve the issue in a record time and with maximum customer satisfaction. 

The bot gives businesses the chance to create, preview and launch their own, tailor-made chatbot with no need for intricate coding or out-sourcing.

The bot can be programmed by businesses or marketers to write their own messages of welcome as well as pre-determined quick response answers to customer queries, using logic and mathematical principles. The information gathered by the bot can then be passed on to humans if the query still is not resolved.

Interaction and Engagement

Customers and potential customers are increasingly wanting to engage with companies and brands before they buy a product or service, and expect to get responses to queries straight away. The Sprout Social Twitter bot builder tool is an excellent way to help to give answers to the most common queries that are asked by customers.

By using this sort of technology businesses can focus their strengths in the right place, meaning that they don`t waste resources and time on mundane responses, and can deal quicker and more thoroughly with more complex queries – creating a win win situation for all!

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