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Google Set to Expand Base on Academy for Digital Skills in London

Google takes a new step to expand their reach in the UK, and this is how it will be done!

Google Set to Expand Base on Academy for Digital Skills in London

Google have announced plans to expand on their home in London by constructing a 3700-square meter academy to help to `educate and inspire everyone` alongside its new facility at 123 Buckingham Palace Road in Victoria. The venue is predicted to start for “London Tech Week” – hosting the summit dedicated to leaders in the tech field and is rumoured to include an electric cinema, fun fair and Brighton Beach room. It is aimed at educating everyone, from school children to CEOs.


According to Google, coding is an important skill for the future of the IT industry and much of what is taught at the academy will be related to coding. Research shows that whilst computer programming jobs are decreasing, the need for coders is increasing. More and more companies are hiring people specifically for coding, showing how important it is.

The future is in technology and coding, and this is why Google have announced their intentions to build the academy for developing digital skills – which is connected to their base in Buckingham Palace Road, and places great importance on teaching students to code.

A course on how to start in tech will also be available at the academy. The course is based around teaching students how to build a brand presentation using video and other technology.


The new Google base is believed to be creating over 3000 jobs in the area when it is complete, and the newly opened Google academy will only add to the number of jobs that they are creating.

According to Google`s UK Marketing Director, Ronan Harris, "The fact that London has ambitions to grow, to fully accept fresh technologies, and create the best and smartest companies has proven to be a constant trend for the past decade. When the technology community involving various industries - from music and fashion to AI and automotive sector worked together with the government, dedicated communities that support start-up and scale-up companies and the mayor's office, the first implication was creation of new jobs. London demonstrated that it can be the leader in a global environment that becomes increasingly competitive."

The academy is set to boost London`s booming technology sectors, as described by London Mayor, Sadiq Kahn, who was recently quoted as saying that ‘London’s tech sector is thriving’, and that ‘leading technologies will allow it to transform into the World’s leading smart city’.

The construction of this academy is testament to Google`s intention to help to boost jobs for Londoners through both the staffing of their new premises and by helping to educate the population, and to give them the skills that are needed for a successful career in the future.

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