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What you Need to Know about eBay`s British Product Identifiers Changes


eBay Product Identifier Changes Boosts Customer Experience, Organise Inventories and Help visibility

Analysts Predict 50% of US Homes to Have Amazon Prime by the End of the Year


50% of US Homes to Have Amazon Prime by 2018 Predict Analysts

Is it possible to increase eCommerce conversion rate and how?


Increasing eCommerce conversion rate makes all the difference between the success and the failure. Here is which segments of your online presence should be taken care of if you wish to start converting better!

When is the right time to replatform and go to the next level?


Replatforming is a big step in your eCommerce operations. We are explaining here WHEN it is the right time to make that move, and what the things you need to take into consideration in order to make it worthwhile are.

Fraud in eCommerce and how to deal with chargeback issues


Chargebacks can make a huge negative impact on your business. In order to prevent them, you need a fraud in eCommerce prevention method that will protect you. Here, we discuss some of the best ways to do it!

Increased Popularity of Instagram Stories Help Boost Marketing Efforts


Instagram Stories feature helping businesses to engage more effectively with online customers

eBay Merger with Flipkart to Strengthen Hand in India


eBay and Flipkart announced their merger in India, and that will have deep consequences globally. Read here what the projected consequences are.

Amazon Business Passes 1 Million Customers


Amazon Business passes 1 million users milestone and threatens to completely change B2B segment of eCommerce

eBay to Add Image Search Capability


eBay use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to offer visual search options

Selling on eBay – why is it important and how to do it properly?


Selling on eBay can be a great way to enter new markets, improve brand identity and authority, or increase sales. We explain some of the most important points that will enable you to carry out these operations successfully.

CMO Council Publishes Details about Customer Satisfaction


CMO Council came up with the new customer satisfaction guidelines. Here is all that should be known about the issue.

Importance of web accessibility standards in web development


Web accessibility standards are often not respected as they should be. Why is that so and what are the implications? Find out in this blog post!

eBay Reveal More UK eBay Millionaires than Ever Before


eBay announce more UK eBay businesses with turnover of £1Million than ever

Putting the Backbone in Your eCommerce Back Office


A solid backbone in your eCommerce back office could bring benefits on a massive scale! Here is what you need to know about it!

ASA Focus on Reducing Gender Sterotyping in Adverstising


ASA decides to deal with gender stereotyping in their advertisements once and for all. 

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