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YouTube Reveal New Range of Updates to Assist Advertisers

YouTube Reveal New Tool and Updates to Boost Advertising Possibilities for Businesses

YouTube Reveal New Range of Updates to Assist Advertisers

Today, 26th September 2017, online video giants, YouTube have revealed a number of updates which will both assist advertisers and change the way that the platform is used for advertising by businesses. According to YouTube, the updates will allow businesses to target their audiences, better structure their storytelling and finally be able to measure their effect on both online and offline sales.

New Tools

YouTube revealed a host of new tools and updates – including - Custom Affinity Audiences, Video Ad Sequencing and Director Mix tools, as well as measuring updates using technology from Nielsen and Oracle for better measuring of the effect of the advertising.

Custom Affinity Audiences has been already trialled by YouTube and it allows marketers to use intention signals which are taken from the audience`s search history and mobile phone apps to target and segment viewers.

Director Mix helps marketers to create different versions of the same content, according to the particular segment that they are targeting. For example, a marketer could give Director Mix a range of different voice overs, copy and backgrounds. The tool will then create a range of different versions, each of which can be matched to different target audiences.

Video Ad Sequencing can be added to AdWords Labs allowing marketers to communicate different messages, with each making up part of the advertising campaign. 

These tools not only give businesses more control over what content is being seen by which audience, allowing them to build the most effective advertising campaigns, but also the chance to tweak parts which aren`t working as efficiently as expected.

New Updates

Nielsen MPA (Matched Panel Analysis) and Oracle Datalogix ROI are the tools which can help marketers to get a good idea of the effect of their marketing endeavours on offline and online sales. These are particularly important as companies are increasingly keen on getting the best results from their marketing, with the highest ROI. To be able to get a detailed understanding of what does and doesn`t work can be extremely valuable.

The beauty of these updates is that they can be used by marketers to assess what is (and what isn`t) working in terms of effect, as well as financially. This means that businesses can ensure that they are getting the most out if their marketing budgets.

These new options give businesses a lot more flexibility and understanding of the effect of their marketing on YouTube, which can only serve as being a bonus not only for businesses, but for YouTube themselves.

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