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Research Predicts Dominance in UK Digital Advertising Revenues for Facebook and Google

eMarketer Snapshot Shows Google and Facebook Dominance in UK Digital Marketing Spend

Research Predicts Dominance in UK Digital Advertising Revenues for Facebook and Google

Research conducted by eMarketer has helped them to make predictions today – 18th September 2017, for the future of digital advertising in the UK for this year. The research has given an accurate snapshot of where the UK digital advertising revenues are currently distributed and has shown a massive dominance from online giants, Google and Facebook.


The research has led eMarketer to believe that Google and Facebook will take a share of 54% of all UK digital advertising revenues this year, which amounts to a total of £6.3 billion. Perhaps in a response to factors such as Brexit and uncertainty about some big advertising agencies, it seems that businesses are spending money on advertising in areas where they believe that they are getting the most out of their money – using established platforms such as Google and Facebook.

This gives an important insight into people`s opinions on where to spend their digital advertising budgets to get the most out of relatively limited funds, showing business`s confidence in spending their money with these two companies.

Google and Facebook

The snapshot shows that Google is still UK business`s favourite place to spend their advertising budget, with their total advertising revenues in 2017 predicted to reach £4.43 billion – and set to soar to £5.1 billion by 2019. 

Facebook are set to reach £1.87 billion this year in revenues from digital advertising – helped along by Instagram and their efforts in the world of video marketing. Facebook are expected to take about a 18.3% share of the UK digital adverting spend by 2019 – which will total around £2.57 billion. 

This year, it is expected that the total digital advertising spend will be around £10.89 billion, and this should rise by about 11% each year – particularly given the rise of mobile devices having a big impact. It is expected that mobile growth with grow by a huge 30.3% this year.

These results prove how reputation and value for money are central for businesses when they are deciding where they are going to spend their budgets, especially at the moment – whilst the future of British business – or businesses in Britain – is somewhat unsettled.

With the money that Facebook especially have invested in improving their digital advertising services for businesses, it seems that UK business is looking to spend where they are confident that they will be getting the most out of their money. This means that both Google and Facebook are looking at a bright future in digital advertising if things stay as they are. 

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