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Kooomo launches a new service – Kooomo Lite

SaaS eCommerce platform Kooomo has just launched their Kooomo Lite product! Read all about it!

Kooomo launches a new service – Kooomo Lite

Kooomo is one of the strongest SaaS eCommerce platforms on the market. It has been listed in the Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for eCommerce and has recorded a significant growth in the past year. It is a SaaS platform that is fully capable of providing a full omnichannel experience to the retailers.

It was mainly aiming for the medium and enterprise sized retailers, as the initial costs and the development expenses were rather high for start-ups and small retailers. Companies like these usually used their marketplace connectors, but that deprived them of enjoying the full spectrum of capabilities this platform offers.

Naturally, the management of Kooomo reacted rather quickly, and the great news has just been announced – they will be offering a new, self-managed and user-developed service at a much lower price!

The new product has been dubbed Kooomo Lite, and it brings some great options to the small and medium-sized businesses who are looking to start selling online without overspending for creating and managing their online stores.

Super users

The entire concept of Kooomo Lite will revolve around the super users. Namely, prior to launching this new product, Kooomo will grant the opportunity to the first 100 users who register for this service to contribute to the very development of it!

This will allow those users to have a direct input in what is being developed and which features will be prioritised. It is a chance that not many of the retailers get. Ever!

Additionally, these super users will be granted a full year of FREE Kooomo Lite services which could be just the push they needed in order to succeed.

The Features

The features of Kooomo Lite will be quite similar to the ones available under the main platform. New eShops will be still fully customisable, there are built-in payment gateways that allow instant payment processing and the SEO tools are also the same as under the main platform. Additionally, the well-known concept of plug and play 3rd party services will be also present under this new product.

The main difference is the initial price and the upkeep costs. With Kooomo Lite, it will be possible for anybody to start and run their online sales easily and at a very low cost! The final result of this approach is yet to be seen once the service becomes fully operational, but everything points to the direction that this is a bold, but quite innovative and potentially great business move!

If you wish to become one of the 100 super users, follow this LINK ( and apply!

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