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Adobe opens Magento CIP for developers

Adobe opens a new certification portal for Magento - CIP. Read all about it!

Adobe opens Magento CIP for developers

Ever since Adobe made the acquisition of Magento eCommerce platform, it was clear that some changes are to be expected. Adobe made a huge investment in this case, and improvements to the existing Magento ecosystem was one of the top priorities. Of course, there was no need to wait long to see the first changes.

The problem

The main problem with Magento was always finding reliable developers. There were certified Magento developers within certain web design agencies, but the entire process of getting the certification was rather long and painful. Because of this, many agencies simply opted to work without any certificates.

On the other hand, the market is absolutely overflown with developers who don’t have enough knowledge or experience to work under this platform in a way that would produce satisfactory results for the end users. Often would these projects fail completely, and that created a lot of negative publicity around the platform.

Retailers had a constant issue of finding the right web developer without risking their projects.

The solution

Adobe quickly came up with a solution by creating Magento CIP (Community Insider Program) for web developers who work using this platform.

The new approach is ideal for single web developers and smaller agencies as it requires far less hassle in order to get a proper certification than it was the case with the old Magento partner certification program.

With this new change, it is expected that a huge number of web developers will register for the program, get certified, and bring much-needed clarity to the entire situation around Magento. 

Since there is a strong move from Adobe to include Magento in their cloud concept and create a universal high-end eCommerce solution that will cover both B2B and B2C segments, this move is the first step towards creating reliable and trustworthy surrounding for the new clients.

All of the web developers entering this program will get:

Additional exposure through being listed on Magento website

Official Magento certification badges

Opportunities to be included in corporate collaterals

Opportunity to attend company events

Any further steps in this direction can only improve what already looks like a great idea, and knowing Adobe, this is just the beginning. More good things are to be expected in the future.

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