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Working with Nosto and its Benefits

New technology on the internet is meaning that people are increasingly expecting a more personalised shopping experience. Nosto is a great new tool to help e-commerce businesses provide this.

Working with Nosto and its Benefits

There are many directions that the internet it taking the experience of shopping. One thing which has occurred more in the past is that people are using the internet to research products or services that they are looking to buy, and then going out and buying them on the high street – or from specific shops.

The other change is that we are seeing an increasing number of people buying online. As we begin to trust more in payment methods, reliability of companies and safe and convenient delivery, e-commerce is taking an ever increasing slice of the world business pie.

With the growth of e-commerce and businesses being conducted almost in their entirety online, we are finding an increased importance of creating a great shopping experience for our customers. The internet gives us new things which ‘offline’ shopping never did. It allows customers to buy whenever they want, from wherever they want. And it allows businesses to understand vital information about their customers, trends in buying and other useful facts, which in turn allow them to offer an improved shopping experience for their customers.

Personalised Shopping
One of the benefits to being able to understand how people buy in general, and how individuals buy is that companies are more likely to be able to create a unique, personalised online shopping experience for each customer. This is a vital tool to be able to retain customers and boost sales, as well as help to build that special relationship by showing that you understand your customers and what they require.

E-commerce personalisation solutions, such as those offered by Nosto are the way forward in improving the customer experience, and in turn boosting your business.

Nosto is a technology which allows businesses to provide an e-commerce personalised service to their customers. There are many reasons why it can be extremely valuable to your e-commerce website, and the benefits of Nosto include:

  • Provides an in-depth analysis of customer likes and dislikes
  • Enables businesses to provide a personalised customer service
  • Easy to set up and tweak
  • Excellent support structure
  • There are no set up costs
  • There are no monthly fees
  • You only pay when you make money – on a percentage basis
  • No minimum contract lengths
  • Can work with any e-commerce platform
  • Real-time updates
  • Easy to manage
  • Easy to control and budget

There are a number of components to the services which are offered by Nosto, which means that e-commerce personalisation can happen across one of four different fronts:

  • Facebook adverts
  • Personal recommendations
  • Behavioural pop-ups
  • Personalised emails

So let’s take a look at each of these more closely:

Facebook Adverts
Facebook has a marketplace of over 1.4 billion people, and Nosto can help you to deliver personalised adverts to all of them. We can help you to show trending or bestselling products, and categorise them according to pre-defined demographics. You can also target people with profiles which are similar to people who have already bought a specific product – giving them the opportunity to see something that they might like, and you the opportunity to make a sale through personalised adverts.

The Facebook application also allows you to re-target existing customers so that you can show them items that they might like – according to what they have already bought from you. If they have abandoned a cart before buying you can encourage them to buy the product, or products related to it, and likewise, if they have bought an item, you can show them other items which are related or enhancements to it.

Personalised Product Recommendations
Nosto will allow you to make recommendations to individual customers based on their unique experience and buying behaviour. According to research, 30% of Amazon’s sales come from recommendations, showing what a powerful tool this is. By analysing each customer’s unique behaviour and making recommendations you are showing both that you care about your customer, and that you understand them.

Nosto can help you to do this in a number of ways:

  • Show-casing your most popular and trending items
  • Welcoming your customers back, with details about items that they have looked at and shown an interest in before
  • Adapting your home page so that the items which are shown are relevant to the items which were searched for. This is also important for pay per click schemes – and landing pages.

Behavioural Pop-ups
The majority of sales are lost because of undecided and hesitant buyers, so by offering time-limited deals and special offers, you can help your customers to make up their mind, whilst getting great deals for them.

The e-commerce personalisation of behavioural pop-ups gives you the tools to be able to create a sense of urgency so that you can get the sale, and your customer can benefit from making a quick decision.

Behavioural pop-ups can be useful in a number of ways, including:

  • Giving you the chance to give special offers to first time visitors
  • Personalising offers that you can make to individual customers
  • Give customers the opportunity to sign up to newsletters, etc., giving you their email address which you can use to grow your email database.
  • Incentivise customers to spend more – by offering free delivery, discounts or free gifts
  • Optimize landing pages
  • Encourage your customers not to leave without buying anything
  • Reducing cart abandonment by offering to save carts and their contents if they decide to navigate elsewhere

Automated, Personalised Emails
Nosto can help you to send automated, personalised emails which are offset by a number of triggers. Here you can send personalised emails recommending the perfect products to inspire you customers to come back to your store.

Personalised emails can be sent after triggers such as cart abandonment, orders have been placed, or we miss you emails.

Nosto has no upfront fees or costs, you simply pay on a percentage basis. You unless you are making money with them, you don’t pay anything. They have strict rules about what they consider to be a sale, and this is across the board, from small businesses to multi-international, high volume retailers.

When it comes to creating the perfect customer buying experience for an e-commerce business, Nosto can take your service to the next level. Providing excellent customer service, retaining and making the most of the customers that you have is the key here and the way to this is through understanding your customers. And this is what make Nosto such a useful tool.

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