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Why Open an Amazon Store

Having an Amazon store allows retailers to drive shopper engagement, build their brand and reach shoppers globally on the world's largest ecommerce platform.

Why Open an Amazon Store

Whilst Amazon can be competition to small and mid-size businesses, it doesn’t have to be a threat because you can also utilise an Amazon Storefront to sell your products to more people.

For many consumers, Amazon is their go-to website to buy essentials and gifts because between Amazon and its marketplace sellers, you can find almost anything you could ever need.

Selling on multiple channels from your own ecommerce website to selling on Amazon is absolutely essential in the dog-eat-dog world of online retail!

So why should you have an Amazon store?

What is an Amazon Store?

An Amazon Store allows retailers to set up store on Amazon to reach millions of people across the world.

You can add your own copy to the homepage, add your logo and design it in a way that fits into your brand.

Consumers can then visit it, log in to Amazon and pay without you needing a separate payment function.

So what are the benefits of an Amazon store?

Fully Branded Design

Even though your store will be on Amazon and will generally look like it’s on Amazon, you can fully brand it with your own logo and banners so it still look like your own professional store.

We offer a full Amazon store design service which will help you get started.

Easy Setup

Setting up an Amazon store is easy as it easily allows you to upload your products in bulk with relevant images, titles and product descriptions.

Easy Management

Managing an Amazon Store is easy as you can use Amazon services for shipping and if you already have an online store, you can implement an ERP system like VOLO to ensure you don’t oversell.

An ERP system will allow you to share stock between all of your sales channels so if you sell out, it’ll automatically update all of your sales channels to ensure you don’t oversell a product.

Selling in more Places

OK so maybe this is an obvious one but more exposure means more chance of more sales. As we said, sometimes Amazon is the go-to for consumers in 2022 so they very well could find your products on there and buy.

Global Sales

Amazon operates in 50 countries and processed USD$239billion in sales last year, and that’s without including Prime,

On Amazon, you can list your products and sell to any country in the world, it’s that simple. There’s no need to register for tax in each country as long as you’re shipping from the country you’re registered in though you can also dropship from warehouses in other countries.

Seasonal Messaging

You can obviously update seasonal messaging and banners on your ecommerce store but it’s arguably even easier on Amazon.

Simply upload a banner to your store and edit your profile and you’ve got your message out there.

Brand Recognition & Return Customers

Having an Amazon store will get your brand recognised on one of the largest ecommerce stores in the world.

Customers are also incredibly likely to return and buy from you again as the Amazon app often will feature something they’ve already bought from you and ask if they need to buy again. Even if it’s a product that’s just a one time purchase, customers can navigate to your store to find out what else is selling.

And it’s even better if you have your own ecommerce store already as consumers remember names of companies that sold them a good product with great customer service so they’re likely to google your company name to see if you also have a website to buy from.

Drive Traffic from Other Sources

Along with your brand name and Amazon’s authority, writing a great product description can help drive traffic from search engines to your Amazon store.

Amazon has great SEO and authority on Google so your Amazon listed products can easily rank highly alongside your website in Google search results.

Guaranteed Great User Experience

Mobile comes first these days with 58% of all website visits coming from mobile users. Who would have thought that 20 or even 10 years ago?

Amazon’s website and of course their mobile app are both fully dynamic and tailored towards the mobile user meaning your customers are guaranteed to have a great experience which of course leads them to buy.

Amazon Advertising

You can get even more exposure on Amazon with paying for sponsored product placements.

Amazon advertising will allow your products to be posted above and in the middle of listings for similar products customers are searching for, and can retarget users who have previously looked at your items.

So you’ve read this…

Why not open an Amazon store to work along your online shop? We can help with the design, setup and even management so get in touch to find out more.

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