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What you Need to Know about eBay`s British Product Identifiers Changes

eBay Product Identifier Changes Boosts Customer Experience, Organise Inventories and Help visibility

What you Need to Know about eBay`s British Product Identifiers Changes

People who sell on eBay will have been receiving emails from eBay today - 14th August 2017 and for a couple of weeks prior, detailing the changes that they are due to make with regards to product identifiers.

Some of the changes in requirements are due to come into effect as soon as September, and the most important change is that they are looking for sellers to add Product Identifiers for all seller refurbished items. Any GTC listing with incorrect - or fake - GTIN will not renew.

Product Identifiers

Product Identifiers are particularly useful to eBay as it allows them to specifically target a product, look at inventories and see what products are available quickly and easily. This is an integral part to the improvement of the customer experience which is so important to eBay.

It also gives eBay the ability to analyse at a glance what is and isn't selling, and change promotions and advertising accordingly.

Using product identifiers can help with visibility and listings, auto-complete specifics for eBay but also for the seller it can make your products found more easily, help with promotions, links to product reviews and guidance notes.

Google have had an impact on this change as they have revealed that they won't be listing products without a GTIN, and therefore eBay deemed it necessary to make these updates for their sellers.


For sellers who are using multi-product bundles, eBay have changed a number of aspects, making it easier and quicker to separate them from your other products. Products which are identified as a bundle also do not require a GTIN number. These changes are to come into immediate effect.

Invalid Product Identifiers on GTC Listings

eBay have stated that as of 14th September 2017, any GTC listings with invalid product identifiers will be prevented from renewing. This means that seller must have their products and product identifiers organised by then.

eBay will be checking certain aspects of using Product Identifiers, such as mis-matching in brands and models, including the right number of numbers.

From October 2017, ebay will be expecting Product Identifiers on all seller refurbished products.

Does not Apply

Another change that is to be made is that eBay are planning on delaying the removal of the `Does not Apply` option from the Product Identifier Fields. This change means that if you have a problem in adding the Product Identifier or still haven't managed to add them to your products, you do have a little time to get it done - although this won't help you in getting your products listed on Google.

Whilst it might seem inconvenient now, adding Product Identifiers will be useful in the long run, helping eBay to better the customer experience and you to sell your products.

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