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According to customers, UK retailers are falling behind!

UK retailers are falling behind in terms of customer experience provided and that could have serious consequences! Read all about it!

According to customers, UK retailers are falling behind!

Customer experience is the key to successful online business and maintaining it at the highest possible level should be considered as one of the key goals by the retailers. The UK was for a long time considered as one of the top markets in that regard, but the things seem to be changing, and not in a good way!

Namely, the latest polls show that the customers are not getting the impression that the UK based retailers are giving enough in terms of customer experience, and that they are slowly falling from the “top” to the “mediocre category in this department.

The research

The research has been carried out by Forrester – one of the leading authorities in the field. Their unique method of evaluating the customer experience provided by the retailers uses customer loyalty as the key factor for calculations. 

The results are quite alarming. In 2017 some 31% of the retailers from the UK made it to the “good” category, while in 2018 this percentage fell all the way down to 14%!

These results have been obtained by interviewing a sample of 9033 randomly chosen customers who used online services in 2018.

Even 86% of the online outlets have been classified as “OK” and that indicates that the overall customer experience index in the UK is not only stagnating but in fact – falling down.

The conclusion Forrester drew from these findings is that the customers have trouble identifying the best outlets as there is not much that separates them from the rest of the pack in terms of customer experience.

There are various ways to improve this, but it will require a significant effort from the UK companies if they wish to become the trendsetters in the business. 

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